For this post I’m asking a simple question… and I’m asking it of MYSELF, for your mileage may differ….

The X-Pro2 offers a new black and white film simulation: Acros.

Much was written about this look when the X-Pro2 first landed.

It was pretty much universally praised…

Can it really be that in this day and age of RAW and RAW convertors and books, articles, and videos about post processing that a camera can really deliver images that we’re PERSONALLY happy with Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC)?

Is this really a new way of working?

Let’s dive in and see some SOOC examples!


(This was the second shot I ever took with the X-Pro2!)



So MY answer to MY question?

SOOC Acros is superb, occasionally I’ve given it a tweak in post, but literally that – a tweak.

For me the answer is an emphatic ‘yes’ – Acros is a new way for ME (your mileage may vary)

I’ve always personally found it a little trickier to get the monochrome look (than I do with colour processing) that I want from my RAW shots, and Acros has definitely made this process a lot easier for me.

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Thank You Very Much!

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10 Replies to “SOOC Acros: A New Way?”

  1. So you finally picked a X-Pro2? 😀

    I too love this new Acros SOOC files, specially when shot around ISO2000.

    Cheers Adam!


    1. Yeah, the price came down I the UK, and I sold the XT1 plus some other stuff, and I figured I’d better spend the money before it was used for other things

      Acros is great, I’m really pleased with it…

      I’m still finding my feet with the XP2… the files are superb though

      Cheers Jose


  2. I’ve got to chime in — I totally agree with you — not just for acros, but for color images as well. The film simulations are so good, and the in camera processing options have been expanded to the degree that I have actually found myself saving raw files BACK to my SD card in order process them in-camera!! The Pro 2 has radically changed my workflow for the better.


    1. Hi Richard, thanks very much,

      I’m glad that the X-Pro2 has changed your workflow for the better, for sure the gap between Fuji SOOC Jpg and processed Fuji RAW has never been closer than it is with the latest generation sensor.


  3. I finally got round to reading some of your blog, Adam, and especially this one on the Asos simulation. In my opinion the cost of the XP2 is worth it for that alone. As a mono photographer, it has been on my list of wants for some time. Like you, I love my XP1 and would hate to part with it, but needs must and at some point I will have to bite the bullet and go for it. I would also have to get rid of my 18 mm lens and replace it with the 23 mm lens to make better sense of the upgrade, so my book will have to sell big time. Fingers crossed, eh! Regards…Keith


    1. Hi Keith,

      Thanks very much – yes SOOC Acros works very well, but the SOOC Acros Jpegs can be edited as well to give a look I’m really fond of! (As long as you don’t ask too much of highlight recovery)

      I haven’t regretted the X-Pro2 for a moment to be honest, I’ll always have a soft spot for the X-Pro1 though.

      I did try the 18mm on the X-Pro2 the other day and I thought it performed very well (which surprised me, as it’s not the sharpest XF lens and the extra resolution of the XP2 can punish such things quite mercilessly!)

      I like the idea of the 23/2 (especially as I don’t own any “weather” sealed lenses) but I already have the 18 and 27, (& no money!) so I’ll hold off on that as long as possible.

      Good luck with the book, I suspect that X-Pro1 values will remain fairly static, whereas XP2 prices will tumble… I suspect they’ll be a slew of lightly used XP2s on ebay once the XT2 lands, as it seems that a lot of people like to change their cameras frequently!



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