Other Blogs For You To Follow

A section that I sincerely hope will grow and grow..

But for now, I suggest that you check out:

Dear Susan
In their own words DearSusan, the collaborative website where travellers – business and tourist – and photographers find location reviews, gear reviews, pro interviews, tutorials, industry opinion and inspiration for making their travel photography a more creative, satisfying and rewarding experience. What more could you want? Well for gear folk, the Dear Susan collective must have shot with just about every camera going, and for travel/inspirational folk there’s a lot of content that’s just about the pictures. In this day and age a website that’s free to view, ad-free in content, free of brand bias and written by people with nothing but genuine firsthand experience of the things they’re talking about is the exception not the norm. Enjoy.

Wilson Magalhâes Fotografia
Wilson graduated from IPF – Instituto Português de Fotografia 10 years ago, since then he’s worked in commercial studios and freelanced for private clients. As happy in the urban jungle as he is in the sprawling countryside, Wilson seeks to document the world in the genres of street, landscape and portraiture. Wilson’s portfolio is characterised by a distinctive use of contrast that provides an intimate look at his subjects.

Robert M Poole Photography
Rob is a versatile and well connected photographer based in the north of England. He has a sharp eye and works with multiple mediums, covers a vast range of subjects, from reportage, to travel and documentary. If he didn’t challenge himself enough with that, he also works in both digital and film formats.

Josh in the City
Josh is an Australian photographer. His work includes street, cityscapes and the inner sanctum of his home life. Josh often works with legacy glass fitted to modern bodies in order to create a distinctive and creative look.

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