Another day to myself.. another day of 37 Deg C and challenging light.

I have my camera set up to make a Mono Jpeg, that way – when I’m on the computer I get too see a BW and colour (the RAW) version of each shot side-by-side, which I like as it can guide my decision as too whether or not proceed in colour or mono (although I usually make my mind up at time of capture)

Well this was a lovely blue sky, melting into an expansive blue ocean. It was a colour.

Only it wasn’t, because it was just a bit too bleached out.

So I so, so, SO nearly deleted it.

Then I took another look at the SOOC jpg and it had some charm (IMO)

A little contrast and a black level tweak, and off it went to my Flickr stream…

Well 3 days later and it’s become my most popular shots on Flickr (and I’ve been on flickr nearly 8 years!!)

In 3 days it’s picked 6700 views, 114 favs and was (at it’s peak) ranked as the 104th best shot of the day (out of how ever many tens of thousands of shots get uploaded everyday!!)

I know this is pretty meaningless in the great scheme of things… But still pleasing, no?

And too think… I came *that* close to deleting it

Stroll on By

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