Well it’s a bit of a landscape shot (and to clarify that, I think it’s fair to say that the word ‘bit’ is used in it’s strongest form, and the word ‘landscape’ in it’s loosest possible form )

Now, there’s a lot of very talented landscape shooters out there (and other genres too!) so it’s probably best you landscapers just don’t look at it 🙂

But, you know me (well…) so things will be a little loose and higher on intent than execution…

So for this, well I live near this Portuguese beach town, and so many of my UK friends are jealous, but the sun doesn’t shine every day, life still has ups and downs, living in a foreign country is great, but also can be hard. It’s still a new world to me.

So I wanted a shot of the beach that was empty, and I wanted the mood to be really dystopian.

So it had to be about the landscape, but not about the physical landscape – both at the same time

I’m not at all sure I’ve managed it… I’m not sure I’ve even picked the best shot of the ones I took…

But I’ve certainly given myself some ideas for future efforts

Empty Matosinhos

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