I hesitated a little before writing this one.

I mean what follows is almost certainly of little interest, and might be construed as highly self indulgent.

But, sod it – my little corner of the internet hit a personal milestone over the last weekend.

My combined series of articles have been read over a 100,000 times (in about 7 months).

Now I know many of you have your own websites, in fact you’re perhaps reading this and thinking, ‘dude I pull that in a week, every week’ but for me – that’s really quite humbling.

But what’s REALLY humbling, is the number of you that have taken the time and trouble to contact me or comment on about my articles.

So I’ve collated some of my most favourite received comments.

(As I said) self-indulgent? Probably. But this site can be quite hard work and a labour of love, (plus not everyone is nice!) so if nothing else, I wanted to have a post where I could review the positives of what I’ve done 🙂

So thank you, thank you one and all – I would still be doing this if you weren’t here reading, but to know that you are is a special feeling for me.

September 2016


I have only recently found your web site, and I must say that a lot of things you said really resonated with me

Your writings have reminded me that this is never going to make me a better photographer. I am re-evaluating my approach and have a new determination to make better use of what I already have

Finally, I am really enjoying your posts and your photographs. It must take you quite a long time to prepare all this, and I thought I would just say that I for one think it is very worthwhile.


As always it is well written, to the point and well received. It was certainly worth your efforts.


Great stuff Adam!

Great photos and great text.


You have deep knowledge and experience


i was looking at your webpage and i must say that i really like your photography


Good writing! what an adventure moving to Portugal.


nice body of work


I like what you are doing with this blog, and you have a lot of good ideas


Phew thats a long read. Loved it though, great “article”


I enjoy grazing over your blog on Sunday mornings before I go out and greet the day


The series is a great insight – Thanks for the articles


Hey Adam, this seems a good place to thank you for this article in particular. Great work Fuji UK, and thank you Adam for the tip


Great writing Adam…it’s definitely all about achieving symbiosis with the cam!


I have read it and I really like this writing with a touch of humor . . .


Keep up the good work! Your blog is well appreciated I believe and that goes a long way to helping those who are new to Fuji and to street photography in particular,


Adam, I have enjoyed reading your series. It’s almost been enough to inspire me to write about my own experiences


Thank you for your suite of blog posts about what I initially considered a dated camera.

Boy, was I wrong…

These days, I am using the X-Pro1 and the X-Pro2 side-by-side. I am a strong advocate of using AF-based camera systems the way I believe they were intended: as AF cameras. On the other hand, your blog is explaining brilliantly why there are so many users who enjoy manual focus mode with this camera system.

I especially enjoyed your sixth blog article about manual focus, and your set up suggestions for using the camera in this way. Most of the suggestions you described are also applicable to the X-Pro2 – they open up an interesting new playground for me.


I refer those interested in the X-Pro 1 to Adam Bonn’s excellent tutorial following his return to one of these both illuminating and infuriating cameras


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Thank You Very Much!

The X-Pro Series Content: Referenced and All In One Place

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