Hello and welcome to a new segment on my website “Adam’s Street”

As you probably know if you’re reading this… I’m a little bit known because I write about Fujifilm’s X-Pro range of cameras.

I decided that for 2018 I wanted to expand my repertoire a little.

Then I realised it was April and that I’d done approximately sweet FA in achieving that.

This isn’t intending to replace any of my other content. I’ll still be doing the Sunday “My Love Affair” articles, I’ll still do “Foto Friday” and I’ll still be re-releasing the Sunday content on Wednesdays as blog posts.

No. This is something new. This is my forum to talk about whatever I please within photography and not necessarily feel I have to tie it to X-Pro cameras somehow.

I say that… But most of my work is shot with X-Pro cameras (although I do own a couple of non-Fujifilm digital cameras) but this will just give me the option to blog about other topics if I want too.

I mainly shoot street, so Adam’s Street will most likely be mainly about street photography.

But there may be some days, when Adam’s Street is more of a metaphor of something else going on in my life that I want to talk about… The lack of quality TV programming after 2am, how to remain focused on what you’re writing when there’s a five year old running around who’s had so much Easter chocolate that she’s as high as a giraffe’s top hat or something… I don’t know. All I know is I’m intending an open platform.

I’m intending for this to pretty ad-hoc… I’m certainly NOT going to commit to publishing something on a certain day of each and every week (I’m already doing that three days a week)

But that said – I’m thinking Tuesdays.

A blog and a website is quite hard work…

Webpages are great for having control over the link titles and for making contents page links, but they’re hard for people to follow. In WordPress’s wisdom, my WP followers don’t get updates when I write a new page

Blog posts are the antithesis of this, if I do a blog post followers all get an email telling you about it. But once posted blog posts just disappear catalogued only by their date and tags.

So Adam’s Street is going to be a blog. It goes out when it goes out. If you catch it, great 🙂 If you enjoy it, even better 🙂 🙂

Right, that’s the pre-amble done. Join me next time when I’ll share my thoughts about what street means to me.

A lot of time and effort goes into this site.. Hopefully it’s helped you? Perhaps you’d consider helping me?

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Thank You Very Much!

The X-Pro Series Content: Referenced and All In One Place

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