Hi and welcome to ‘Foto-Friday’

As the name suggests, I’m planning to share a single photo with you each Friday, but miss-spelling photo to combine the double F of the 2 words. Yes I know, not my most creative moment (it is spelt Foto in Portuguese though!)

Unlike the other articles on my site, this will be one shot and a few words.

A trip out to somewhere on the fringes of town, familiar sights but in a new location. An open door to explore new images

An Open Door

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6 Replies to “Foto Friday: An Open Door”

    1. Fair enough Chuck!

      For me the story is what she’s looking at, which you can see but not quite make out, the link of her clothing being red and the mystery thing she’s seeing (might be a tv) also being red

      Red is a good colour to photograph because we have quite a strong emotive response to red

      The use of red means she is immediately the subject, despite the visual competition of the laundry.

      I’m not saying you have to like it, nor am I seeking to defend it, but those were the visiual aspects that drew me to the scene.

      I did debate trying to get her attention, but often when a street subject is looking right at the camera it loses a lot of its street appeal, especially if the look you’re getting isn’t favourabke (plus you’ve influenced the scene) so I decided to take it as I found it. Strong colours, a natural frame within a frame combined with the slightly odd notion of drying your clothes in a public street, whilst sitting with your door open staring into your own house.

      Possibly not my finest hour, but worth pressing the shutter on.


  1. Nice composition enhanced by the black drainpipe on the left balancing the black cloth on the upper right and the red “spot” above the woman balancing her red dress.

    Now why isn’t she enjoying the sun?
    Just warming her back?
    Or that “spot”, is she watching TV?

    A bit of an enigma that gives extra interest to the photo!

    ( You did NOT miss the mark. 🙂 )


    1. Thank you Kristian 🙂

      It’s all subjective though!

      FWIW (very, very little) it was quite popular on Flickr

      I can’t figure out what she’s looking at, and I’ve the luxury of the raw… it might be a TV, I thought maybe a mirror, but the colours are wrong


      1. I think the photo is all the better for not showing what she is watching.
        ( So: small enigma.)

        And (of course) the colours pull the eyes into the photo.


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