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Part 122: Porto in the Rain with the X-Pro2

Being a) English and b) living in Porto (Portugal) you can count on one thing, that whenever you mention the latter to anyone back in England, they’ll say I bet the weather is amazing and usually you smile apologetically and say that, yes indeed it’s usually very nice

But not this year! This year has seen some scorching weather back in my home country and some truly sodden wet weather in my adopted home.

The weather shouldn’t keep us from getting out with our cameras though.

Of course many of the latest Fujifilm cameras all offer some degree of weather sealing, and even if you own a camera that doesn’t (have weather sealing) you can still shield a camera under an umbrella or wrap it in plastic or cling film.

That said, of the three cameras that I regularly shoot with only my X-Pro2 is listed as being ‘weather sealed’ so with that in mind it’s been the only camera I’ve reached for these past few weeks.

I’ve had to take some care though, none of my current Fujifilm lenses are weather sealed, so I decided that I’d only pair the X-Pro2 with the XF35/1.4.

Why the XF35? Well it’s probably my favourite lens, but specifically in this instance it would be the cheapest to replace if the worst happened!

We’ll start off this little photo story with a shot from the last time it wouldn’t stop raining back in January!

It'll Soon Pass

The rain here was very heavy, luckily I had an umbrella and I enjoy shooting street in the rain, people’s desire to keep their head down and too hurry along (when it’s raining) means that they form natural and visually interesting shapes (to me at least)

Not Afraid of the Rain

When it rains, and rains and rains, I think some people just get to a stage where they’re in denial about it 😉 and leave the house pretending it’s the weather they want rather than the weather this it is

Upon Reflection

When I find a spot that I find visually interesting, I like to try a few different shots, to try and find a few ideas, so as you can probably tell, the shot above and the shot below were basically taken in the same place.

The people here are sheltering from the rain before finding the motivation to brave the elements, this is a very famous building in Porto (Casa da Musica) and is a strong location for photography

Watery Dismay

I’m not against the occasional discombobulation of the viewer as I think it can add an interesting angle to the image, and also engage the viewer to take a closer look

The Hurry Home

As visually interesting as people are when they’re in the rain, we still have and should seek the possibility to deploy the tools of composition and coincidence that we normally would.

I hope you enjoyed this little photo series of rain filled shots. Next time the weather’s lousy where you are then perhaps this will help you be inspired to a grab a camera and get out there shooting.

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