Out of my Fujifilm Comfort Zone with the X-T2 and X-E3

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Continuing the blog serialisation of my popular X-Pro Series lust/hate/love story:

Part 124: Out of my Fujifilm Comfort Zone with the X-T2 and X-E3

I’ve been very busy, so it’ll be quite a short one this week (but longer than last week’s!)

In fact you nearly didn’t get anything at all this week!

As many of you have noticed… my website ceased to display images.

This was caused by a product change the provider made that broke the way I was using their service.

There was a lot of back and forth between them and me … and I had to reach out to a senior member of their organisation… but eventually we got there…. all I have to do now is visit several hundred posts and pages and add in a small amount of text…

…this has taken me hours (and I’m not done yet – I debated sacking off the Sunday article to finish it, but let’s keep the Sunday run going), but better than having to totally start from scratch.

I’ve also spent a week in the UK doing family things.

This has meant I had to rack my brain a little to think of something to write about…

But I needn’t have worried… My life is awash with photography 🙂

In the past three weeks, I’ve met up (on separate occasions) with a couple of Fujifilm shooters, and for fun and giggles we ended up swapping cameras for our street sessions.

This gave me the chance to try two Fujifilm cameras that I hadn’t used before

The X-T2 and the X-E3.

I’ve not going to write a review of either camera, because running around the streets with someone else’s camera for a few hours isn’t really a test!

I’ll say this though, the X-T2 seems smaller than the X-Pro2 and the dials/etc aren’t quite as positive as the X-Pro2 ones. The X-E3 is tiny and the dials/etc have a nicer tactile feedback than those found on the X-Pro2.

But that doesn’t really matter – I just happened to notice it

So instead I’ll tell you what I did!

As you’ll probably know, I use my Fujifilm cameras predominantly in manual focus mode.

But Wilson and John don’t.

So I took their cameras, and used them exactly as they had set them:

X-T2 + XF23/1.4 and X-E3 + XF23/2

AF mode for each and the X-E3 was in burst mode

I’d like to think that I’m a relatively slow shooter. Manual focus, take my time, see my shots.

But as these weren’t my cameras, I decided to get out of my comfort zone, and let AF do its job and to just react to the things I saw that looked interesting 🙂

Here’s from the pictures from that!!

Each camera’s images were processed from RAF using SilkyPix V8 Pro and my default Fujifilm (non-RAF hacked) settings

X-T2 First

Next up the X-E3 (which I used for longer)

As you can see…. I was waaaay outta my comfort zone… reacting to things…. the pictures aren’t straight and the framing is far from perfect.

But I quite like them.

I think they capture the dynamism of walking crowded city streets and it’s good to try something new.

AF worked out fairly well, with the X-E3/XF23-F2 combo taking the highest hit rate

I was happy to get back to my comfort zone though 🙂

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