My X-Pro2 Images: Going Warmer

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Continuing the blog serialisation of my popular X-Pro Series lust/hate/love story:

Part 126: My X-Pro2 Images: Going Warmer


Last week I showed you the same set of yester-yesteryear images, one set as PP’d in 2016 and the other as PP’d in 2018


Many of you seemed to enjoy that (thank you) but more importantly offered an interesting dialogue around colour. colour accuracy and PP choices in general.


I’m a bit out of sorts this week… I had to rush to the UK for an unpleasant reason… I didn’t bring the X-Pro2, then Fujifilm released the FW update for it (finally), so I couldn’t install and test it…


…So long story short I wasn’t really sure what I was going to write about this week, and maybe it was best to have a week off (and maybe that would of been a better idea 😀 )


But my mind kept returning to the comments you made on last week’s article.


Of course many preferred the more recent edits, and the original ones were a little too much…


But some of you found charm in those 2016 edits, and it got me thinking…


Could I combine the bigger, bolder colour of my 2016 process without losing all sense of reality?


Not sure I can, but I decided to run a few more older shots through my current PP process, only this time employing some of the methods I’d used in 2016


So let’s take a look:


I’m not sure that this one (which was originally in monochrome) has really worked in colour, there’s something artificial looking and not quite right..


These shots from pride were quite hard work because the light was terrible that day, but the big colour works fairly well I feel


I’m quite pleased with the tones in this one as the light coming through the canopy wanted to give everything a colour caste.


This was quite challenging light, and probably would work better in monochrome, but I wanted to make this article all about colour images so we tried it in colour!


I think the bigger colour here suits the buildings


The image here is perhaps a little flat, but I’m finding the colours to be both pleasing and quite natural


I very much like the colours here, they pop well but none are over powering.


So (yet again!) I seem to be presenting X-Pro2 images and looking to them for a different sense of working with them… I’m not unhappy about that and it shows just how malleable the X-Trans iii RAFs really are.


I think there’s mileage in continuing to explore the various possibilities that the X-Pro2 mages give me.


I’m enjoying this bolder colour, it resonates harder with me that a flatter looking file and I’ll continue playing with it to see what it can manifest in terms of an interesting colour look


Bit of a short one this week, as I said I’m a bit out of sorts and away from home, but everything should be back to normal next week. Until then.


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