Foto Friday: Sand and Solitude

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Foto-Friday, every Friday a new picture!


Just like last week, we’re back at the open expanse of the beach for this week’s foto Friday!


However alone we feel.


However alone we make ourselves


We always leave a mark, we always make a trace


Sand and Solitude

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5 Replies to “Foto Friday: Sand and Solitude”

  1. So true – and well said!
    I do like that – those two – photo(s), a find it a very nice double take!

    ( That motif really needs that wide almost empty surrounding for emphasis.)


    1. Thank you very much Kristian,

      Since you made that comment about using the header image to lead into the main photo I’ve consciously tried to incorporate a header image that does just that 🙂


      1. Yes, I noticed that, but I thought it was just that I had begun to look for it…


  2. Sorry,
    I just woke up to the realization that i have expressed myself ambiguously!
    To clarify :
    Yes, I noticed that,
    but I believed you had always tried to do that (without my seeing it), and that I then began to look for it and so saw it much more often.


    1. I suspect that by virtue of the fact that the header image is always a crop of the feature image there has always be a correlation between the two.

      But after your original comment, I stopped just making a header image that (I hoped) looked ok without giving too much away of the featured image, and consciously thought about their relationship to one another

      Cheers 🙂


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