Foto Friday: I Scream/You Scream/The Dog Dreams for Ice Cream

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Foto-Friday, every Friday a new picture!


A beating hot sun


Sand under the feet


A cooling treat


We all scream for ice cream…


…but some of us can only dream


I Scream/You Scream/The Dog Dreams for Ice Cream

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6 Replies to “Foto Friday: I Scream/You Scream/The Dog Dreams for Ice Cream”

  1. I agree, it’s very unfair to the dog.

    I remember travelling with two cats in a car a couple of hours on a very warm day.
    Waiting for the ferry in a que the car got ever warmer and to keep the cats in we dared not open the windows more. But we shared the ice cream with the cats and then got another round for them – they just loved it.

    But the dog would probably gulp it down instead of slowly licking it like a cat!
    – – –

    – and illustrating us humans thinking of ourselves also when being together…


    1. Hi Kristian,

      A lovely nice thing for you to do for your cats.

      (In fact speaking of cats, mine’s literally just come home with sticky bits in her fur, like dried honey of something, so I’ve just spent ages combing it out)

      The photo was quite hard to take… I have an outtake when the guy on the left is looking quizzically at me and not looking happy!


      1. > “..quite hard to take…”
        I can imagine that!
        I think, though, that the couple (beyond the dog) looking at you helps make the photo.
        ( …perhaps unless one like me thinks he resembles the actor Charles Bronson…)
        – – –

        I suppose your cat wasn’t too happy during that procedure. They usually prefer to do their fur themselves – but perhaps (s)he understood that help was needed.


      2. I can’t unsee Bronson now 😉

        I was a little worried that whatever was stuck to my cat wouldn’t be good for her to lick off, so I had to comb her.

        Surprisingly she seemed to really enjoy it, mind you she is quite a spoilt cat!

        That said vets often comment how docile she is to work with (and she is) yet strangely she’s not that affectionate (she’ll never go on people’s laps for examples)


  2. Yes, cats are choosy about people.

    As T. S. Eliot discusses in
    in Old Possums Book of Practical Cats.


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