Foto Friday: A Room with a Viewer

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Foto-Friday, every Friday a new picture!


As we all know..


Wealth is not evenly distributed throughout society


Those that have a little (or a lot) more can afford the finer things


Nicer properties, which tend to be in the nicer places and have nicer views out of the windows


Of course having nicer thing means that the world likes to look back, to imagine and examine, to dream and perhaps even envy. A room with a view easily becomes a…


…A Room with a Viewer


A Room with a Viewer

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7 Replies to “Foto Friday: A Room with a Viewer”

  1. Aah, Adam,
    you did have luck with the light – and the colours!
    ( Or did you wait a long time? 🙂 )
    Very nice!

    I do appreciate the humor in the photo, a rare thing.
    Especially as it contrasts so nicely with the colours!


    1. Thank you very much Kristian

      Mainly luck.. Mrs Adam works in the nice part of town and had to go into the office for some hours so I tagged along to explore the posh streets while she worked

      The light was pretty binary, but once you get deep into built up areas and out of direct sunlight it softens nicely

      I saw the building and thought it deserved a shot in it’s own right (mainly because the street was wide enough to allow me to frame as I wished, there’s no shortage of nice buildings there but the streets are narrow!)

      I saw a family walking down the road and decided to wait for them to pass, but (and here’s the luck) one of the boys lingered behind to look through the window and I was already there and focused…

      Thanks again


  2. You should be…
    Sorry for the double post, feel free to remove!
    ( The first was gone, so I guessed there was some glitch.)


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