A Fish Out of Water

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I really was a bit stuck for something to write about this week…

You could say I’m like a fish out of water, I’ve plenty of ideas for articles, but I’m just not feeling the writing right now.

I’ve had to travel suddenly to the UK.

I’ve been here over a week now

It’s been a surreal groundhog day of doing pretty much exactly the same routine each day.

Yesterday I needed to break the routine.

I need to take a walk, breathe fresh air

I needed to explore where I was. I needed to find shapes and order

So, this week’s post is that day.

A day of trying to find sense in things

I know this house very, very well. But it’s not the same.

An uncomfortable comfort. Too much time in rooms like this

Awkward sculptures huddle in sealed courtyards

Pathways can lead nowhere

Beauty seems somehow not real

We’re all in some way tethered

Some place down below fires burn

I think it’s obvious that there’s more to all of this than I want to write about in a camera website!

I’m sorry for the sombre tone… things aren’t exactly superb at the moment

But things do continue, we overcome, we grow, we expand.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be here, in this place.

But I’ll deal with it as best as I can and one day I look back and remember leaving

I’ll almost certainly be taking a break from the site next week


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2 Replies to “A Fish Out of Water”

  1. Take as much time as you need because time will come when you are happy that you did . . .
    Wishing you all the best! (and I will keep visiting your site)
    Good luck,


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