New, new, NEW

That seems to be the message of this week (WC:2017/01/16)

There’s a new Medium Format Fuji, (the GFX), there’s a new X100 camera (the X100F), a new 50mm XF lens, 2 new lenses for the X100 series, there’s a new mid tier X camera, the X-T20.

Not got enough new? Well there’s also a new Leica M

Like I said: New, new, NEW

So you know what?

Let’s celebrate newness… Let’s embrace new photographic products

And let’s do this, by ignoring it completely 🙂

Let’s celebrate what we can do with what we have, let’s rejoice in the newness of photographs!

So, this week you’ll cross my path !!

Two days we ago we had to travel into town to complete some bureaucracy, I nearly didn’t bring a camera – but as an afterthought, I picked up my X-Pro2, wasn’t the slightest bit surprised to see the 35/1.4 attached, put a spare battery in my pocket and headed out the door.

We got through with officialdom surprisingly quickly. It was lunch time. I had somewhere to be about 6 hours later, the sun was shining – my evening appointment was about 10 miles (16km) away, and I thought…

…Let’s walk, a slow meandering stroll with nothing to do but snap shots (but also, let’s eat first because that’s pretty far and I’m hungry)

So this week, you’re going to come with me, see what I saw.

You won’t see my best ever work, you won’t get to click on these shots and pixel peep ’em.

No, you’re just going to tag along and hopefully get a sense of joy that can be found with a sunny day, a clear afternoon and a camera, any camera – not only one that’s only just been announced.

Because new stuff is great, but we buy new stuff to use it, and we can use older stuff too!

So stick on a pair of decent walking shoes (an ESSENTIAL photographer’s accessory) and a coat, it’s not as warm as it looks

Arriving at Marques Square, the fountain was captivating

After we finished with the admin, I took a closer look at the Marques Church

Much walking later, I came to Praca da Republica, where I had the chance to add to my ‘Street Portrait’ series

It was time for a coffee and a cake!

Sitting down at a street café, can offer some opportunities for street and reportage photography, and if none present themselves, well at least you had coffee and a cake!

Next I decided to re-visit the Eyes Wide Open, 100 Years of Leica Photography exhibition which is running at the gallery located at the Palacio de Cristal. It’s free to get in 🙂

I’ll almost certainly write this up at some point. I don’t care what camera they were shot with, a collection of historic work by iconic photographers is a wonderful thing!

Next a stroll round the gardens of the Palacio de Cristal.

You always see Peacocks here!!

The view over the Douro is fantastic! You see that bridge in the distance, that’s about two thirds distance of my total walk!

Talking a route I’d never been down before, I found a pathway to ‘cut the corner’ and get down to the river

For some reason (agriculture I think) the banks of the Douro were on fire!

I found a dilapidated building…

So I had to indulge my Wabi love

I eventually (after getting a bit lost and having to re-trace my steps) got down to sea level

This restaurant overhangs the Douro and I was struck by the light cascading through it

I think this boat is permanently moored here? Maybe it’s a bar or eatery, it was closed – but that didn’t bother the Seagulls!

The ‘Golden Hour’ was NEARLY here, and things were just starting to take on that magical shine

Another run down property caught my eye, so I took a little detour to get a better look

The fishermen were out in force, although starting to wind down for the day, this chap was happy to stop for a ‘Street Portrait’

By now, the golden hour was in full effect, so I took profit from the classic golden hour look of blue shadows and gold highlights

I made my appointment, with a few minutes to spare – a Fujifilm Porto event, where I got to try all the existing cameras and lenses. I liked the new 23 🙂

So there you have it!!

An afternoon out with me, in my adopted home city of Porto. If you’re thinking of visiting, let me know – I can show you these places for real!

I’ve purposely selected images all taken on the same day – some of these places I’ve visited many time, and have better images of, others I only discovered on that day and will return too.

Today’s article hasn’t been an ‘anti GAS’ post. Not at all.

But as these new products are announced and eagerly anticipated, it’s important to remember what cameras are for – taking pictures. Cameras have this ability 🙂

The new camera news is always exciting, whether you’re in the market today, or getting it second-hand ‘tomorrow’

Flagship features trickle down to mid tier models, so sooner or later – no matter our budget – we can experience new products and features

But there’s a world beyond camera stores and review sites.

A world eager for you to go and photograph it.

Get on out there.


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