The X-Pro1 and Capture One Revisited

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Waaay back in July ’17 I re-acquired the X-Pro1 and wrote up an article about it here


As I’ve written about many times, there’s something about the X-Pro1 images that I like very, very much and that certainly hasn’t changed…


…what has changed is that we now have Capture One Express (C1E) to use if we wish to do so.


So I thought I’d take those original X-Pro1 shots as they were edited last year, and compare them to new edits (of the same photos) using C1E. I’m still finding my way with C1E, and I’m not sure I like it as much on X-Pro1 files as I do X-Pro2 files, but it’s early days.


Like previous times I’ve completed exercises like this, I didn’t look at the original images, I simply copy/pasted them from the original article. So this hasn’t been about trying to make them look the same, in some ways its more an exercise in seeing how my tastes changed for the edit over time and how different the C1E edits would look.


Onto the images:


Original Edit


C1E Edit


Original Edit


C1E Edit


Original Edit


C1E Edit


Original Edit


C1E Edit


Original Edit


C1E Edit


In some cases I think the C1E edits are cooler than the SilkyPix Pro edits, and I prefer the warmer look of the latter. The flavour of the X-Pro1 (dubiously subjective  😉 ) “”look”” is carried by either editor.


I think that although it’s easy (and frankly fairly correct) to dismiss editing the same images, months apart with two different editing apps as a valueless exercise, I personally like revisiting old images with newer apps. The part that’s a little woolly is that there’s no exact yardstick to judge by with photographs like these… they’re not colour corrected fashion/product shots under controlled conditions… or put another way, I personally find the mood we have for the pictures can slightly change the net result, for example how bright and warm the pictures can be made to look, and revisiting certain pictures after so long generally means we have a different intent to our edits as we become detached from the moment when we pressed the shutter.


So this isn’t C1E Vs SilkyPix Pro per se and it isn’t really about my mood when editing… nevertheless it is a chance to try C1E on a different camera, to see other images run through C1E’s workflow, and to gain a greater understanding of how C1E works


I’m not unhappy with C1E, but I do find myself wondering if perhaps the images have a bit more charm on the original edits.



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