Forwarders CC and the X-Pro1 Monochrome Images

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You might remember some weeks ago that I wrote about my participation in a cycling photography project? If you don’t you can click here 🙂


This is an Instagram based project.


This project is the brainchild of João Salvador an accomplished photographer who uses his friendship with local road racing cyclists so that we can all collaborate in order to pursue the shared goal of raising awareness of Portuguese cycling culture.


When I first shot this project I wanted to rely on the performance of the X-Pro2, but this was also around the time that I re-bought the X-Pro1, so for this session I decided that I wanted to use the original X-Pro for the images….


……of course shooting anything static with the X-Pro1 is no problem (and most of these images are static 🙂 ) but there’s also the joy (and it is a joy) of hanging out of a car window to shoot and that might prove to be a challenge with the first generation X-Trans…


João (and the rider, Rodrigo) both wanted monochrome images for this shoot, so my mind was decided, I love X-Pro1 monochrome  😀


A journey begins…


When your bicycle costs Fujifilm GFX + money and you rely on it to do its job, then maintenance is very, very important


It’s just the taking part really…  😉


“The rider” He takes road racing and cycling very, very seriously indeed.


Sometimes I think being a street photographer is lonesome… just you and a machine vs the world. I’m an idiot, this is that.


It was steep enough to get up here in the back up car… he cycled. We all enjoyed the view.


Maybe he’s thinking about how much easier it’ll be to go down  🙂


How did the X-Pro1 perform? Well João was pleased with the images and happy to include them alongside his own. Of course the things that make an X-Pro1 such a special camera came into play, with the need to anticipate things, and prime the shutter, use focus traps etc etc


But I was curious to see if I could coax the X-Pro1 to deliver what was required (as I so enjoy its images) and I was delighted that it didn’t let me down.


Truth be told, it’s the Fuji that I reached for nearly every single subsequent time we’ve done one of these shoots.



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8 Replies to “Forwarders CC and the X-Pro1 Monochrome Images”

  1. Lol… I use the Pro1 on a daily basis – well, yes I really don’t do sports (obviously) and to make things worse – I don’t earn money with my photography (at least not on a regular basis). But I do streets a lot and sometimes fast action, close to sports, is involved. Believe it or not – you actually CAN DO IT with the Pro1! I have some of my best shots taken in Japan: There were a bunch of people – from very old to “Look mom, I can walk on my own feet” dancing to some traditional Japanese music. Some of them were wearing traditional clothes, others not. In any case, it was fast action and, since it was evening, already light was dim, not dark, but dim. Hear me saying this: I used the Fujinon AF speed daemon – the xf 60mm 🙂 Why? Well it is a heavily underrated lens, giving me in this case what I wanted: A bit more reach, stunning IQ and a loveley bokeh (I never know how to write this word…). And guess what – it worked really well! No, not all snaps were in focus, but hey, 85-90% were! No, not always on the first try, but then again – I know it and I know how to cope with it….
    Do I love better AF? Sure I do. But bottom line: The Pro1 is such a stunner, it’s AF system is forgiven and I still get the snaps I want.

    Keep up the great work!


    1. I’ve fond memories of the XF60 (sadly flipped to pay for other things) and the X-Pro1 can do action with a bit of good old fashioned subject anticipation

      Bokeh is correct, although I THINK it technically referres to spherical highlights and has morphed over time to mean “the out of focus bits”

      I still think (personally) the X-Pro1 has the nicest jpegs of all the fujis, and the only places I find it quite hard work can (sometimes) be shutter lag and that the framelines don’t adjust until you 1/2 press the shutter

      Thanks very much


  2. As far as I know Bokeh is a Japanese word, so it is somewhat a transcription – that makes it hard for me to figure out hw to write it…

    Actually are you saying that on the Pro2 the frame lines adjust before you half-press the shutter?? That is new to me and takes me by surprise: How can it anticipate the distance, thus the parallax error without half-pressing the shutter?


    1. I only use the X-Pro2 (and X-Pro1) in manual focus, when used this way on the X-Pro2, yes – twist the focus ring and the framelines adjust to the focus distance, in both position and size

      The M9 can do half of that too (they don’t adjust size) and all mechanically


  3. Thanks Adam, that is very valid information for me – that is a REAL plus of the Pro2 compared to the Pro 1. Didn’t know that


  4. As of the Leica: Had an M4-2 back then, never liked it, finally sold it (which was stupid, given the pricing you can get for this stuff as a collectable) and never looked back. No thanks 🙂


    1. Hahaha, yeah the M is a bit of a masochistic way to work, but in digital terms there’s something about that FF Kodak CCD sensor in the M9 that charms the pants off me 🙂


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