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As you might have seen on my various social media channels, I was recently invited to exhibit my work at a solo show here in Porto.

Running for a month and featuring images exclusively shot with Fujifilm X cameras (my choice, the gallery just wanted pictures, Fujifilm were not involved with this) the series of images set out to document people on the beach and their relationship with sand and water.

I know many of you were unable to attend due to time and distance, so I thought I’d share the (now finished) show here.

If you’d visited the venue you wouldn’t have been subjected to an in-depth description about each shot, so likewise for this article I’m just going to present the pictures and the titles.

Optionally, if you wish to completely replicate the experience then you’re more than welcome to pour yourself a glass of wine and read this standing up 🙂

The response has been positive, my show was picked up and advertised by the official tourism site for Porto and the visitors that I spoke with were all very complimentary.

I was even able to sell some hard copy work  🙂


By the Sea – one exhibition by Adam Bonn

Black and White.
Surface and Depth.
One and Other.

By the Sea is where dualities meet.
Adam Bonn is a British born photographer and has been based in Portugal for the last four years. He explores urban scenes in search of their humanistic side – how people can be people in an interesting way.


The Calm


Strolling, Watching, Playing


Turn Your Back


The Split


Stroll on By


Together Ready


Beach Ghosts




Seaward Steps


Serene and Wild



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The X-Pro Series Content: Referenced and All In One Place

The X-Pro Series Content: A Contents Page with Page Numbers and a Brief Description

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