The Clock Says It's Time to Close Now

Taken on 29/12/2015

35mm on APS-C
F1.4 + 4stop ND
ISO 200 (base)
1/3500 SS
PP in Capture One 9
No crop
WB set via WhiBal
Multi metering modw

You go out on a nice morning, take a few shots… The light gets a bit harsh, so before calling it a day, you stop at the local café for some toast and orange juice

Then you notice this wonderful diffused light fills the place from the frosted windows, yet the shadows are strong and the juxtaposition of what you see interests you. You wait a few moments seeing how it looks when someone walks in or walks out (which I went with above) and how it looks with no one there at all!

You’re kinda just playing, waiting for the toast to turn up… Don’t even bother to change the camera back out of the setting you had set for the outside shots…. And it turns out to be your best shot of the morning!

2016:52 Home

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