So the sun came out, which gave me a chance to indulge my fledgling and embryonic interest in “Street” Photography.

When you start ‘doing street’ and engaging with people online about it, you quickly find it’s a genre that is characterised by a colossal scope of subject, and VERY strong opinions.

Truth be told… I don’t know if I even do ‘street’ maybe it’s reportage, or documentary?

Actually, don’t answer – I’m beyond carrying about labels. I just like to take the pictures that I like!

Which brings me on to this week’s shot.

I like this one!

I like this one not because it’s best, but because I was able to see/realise/react/capture the idea in a very short space of time.

Yeah it’s not the sharpest shot you’ll see today. Meh… FOR ME, classical perfection is indeed awesome, but sometimes you’ve gotta play it loose like Jazz

YMM(and will)V

X-Pro1 & XF35. F1.4 1/640 ISO:200. Processed from RAW in Capture One Pro. Click image for full size version

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