Taken 13th Jan 2016

35mm on APSC
ISO 400

Taken with my X-Pro1 and XF35mm F1.4

I saw this guy walking up the hill and pause to read the poster… I waited until some *thoughtless* pedestrian moved out of the way, then I took my shot!

It’s been quite well received by those you have viewed it.

But it just took itself really, I just happened to be there!

2016:52 Home

2 Replies to “2016:52#3”

  1. Yep, I definitely like this one Adam. The man , his enquiring posture, his question based on a lifetime of experiences, what is it that he is asking.
    Will I find something here that will fit my needs and can I afford it?
    What shall I have for dinner.? Who knows.
    You have captured a very human moment.


    1. Thank you so much David,

      I always felt that street was a bit to hard for me… but quite a few people suggested that I should try it, so it became a new years for me (this year) and I’m glad I did!

      I’m still finding my feet and feeling my way, but kind comments like yours are deeply appreciated as there’s a lot of erm… ‘heat’ in the on line street tog community and I’ve decided to plod along at my own pace and do my own thing!

      I’m also really happy that someone has actually looked at my 2016:52 – it never really features in my wordpress stats (unlike all the Fuji posts) so much appreciation to you there too!

      I’ve updated it today, so thanks for the galvanizing comment!


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