I’ve been thinking about where I want to go with my photography in 2017.

I won’t bore you (well not now anyway)

But I want more of a human element and I’ve been trying my embryonic hand at ‘Street Portraits’!

(That’s where you approach random strangers and ask if you can take their picture… You’re supposed to do it with people that look interesting, but I went for people who looked like they’d say yes 🙂 )

I had a lot more yeses than nos 🙂

It’s a bit daunting to approach strangers, but I quickly got comfortable with it, so here one of yesterday’s results

Thanks for all of your comments and support this year, I hope you liked some of the work

I hope you had a good 2016 and an even better 2017, and where ever you are and what ever you shoot, I hope you enjoy great light and images

A Life Lived

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