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Welcome to my Blog
My Blog, why it’s here, what it’s about

1. What Makes A Good Image?
What always makes a good image? Superb processing, perfect exposure and corner to corner sharpness, right? WRONG!

2. Are You In or Out?
You don’t have to be in some exotic location to get a shot, in fact why even leave the house?

3. The Flow of Time
Looking at how the abstract can tell a story

4. A Watery Destination
Looking at how subjects that change frequently, frequently make interesting subjects

5. Spider One: It’s Good to Get Close
Sometimes up close and personal is the only way

6. Spider Two: It’s Good to Get Wide
Context is your friend, maybe not your best friend, but you’re close.. well a bit further away actually

7. Wait For It
Patience may be a virtue, but photographically it’s a mantra

8. Light and Dark
Photography is painting with light, but maybe use a black canvas

9. Depth of Field
Giving a shot some life

10. More Depth of Field
Giving a shot some more life

11. SOOC: The Importance of Being Earnest (One)
Is there anything that you can’t do in Photoshop? Oh yes!

12. SOOC: The Importance of Being Earnest (Two)
Have you got soul?

13. Sinister Trees
Different moods, different people, but the same shot

14. Nouveau Cuisine or Steak and Chips?
Don’t be scared of the classics

15. Keep It Simple Silly Billy
No one likes a clever clogs

16. The Rule of Thirds
Rules… Can we break them?

17. Expresso
Shots from your surroundings. Keep those eyes open

18. Being Lead by the Season
When your environment changes, just keep doing what you’re doing

19. And the BEST Camera is…
So what’s the very best camera to buy? Well…

20. Something to Know When You Shoot a Portrait
The thing to focus on for a portrait that pops

21. Telling a Story
Little visual clues that can enrich a picture

22. Less Can be More
There’s nothing negative about not filling every inch of the frame

23. Live a Life You Will Remember
What’s the best way to remember YOUR life?

24. Give me a Hint
It can be good to make the viewer look closely

25. Photo Project: Costal Isolation
Why you should take on photography projects

26. A Lovers Stroll
Telling a story without any players

27. The Lone Phone Ranger
Another example of the mantra of patience

28. No Time to Plan
When something happens unexpectedly, will you be ready?

29. A Beautiful Stray
Why I love photographing stray cats

30. Take a Seat
There’s no harm in shaking up the rules of photography a bit…

31. Shapes
Looking for patterns and shapes in your environment

32. Cold, Wet, Miserable
Even if it’s not outdoor weather, you should try and get out with a camera

33. Discombobulating
Feel free to confuse the viewer

34. Touch Point
Simple and effective composition

35. Right Place, Right Time
Can you make luck, or plan for it at least?

36. X-Pro1 & X-T1 – Street Scenes From My World
Scenes from my world, captured through a Fujifilm viewfinder!

37. X-Pro1 – The Sunkissed Streets of Portugal
The X-Pro1 hits the streets of Porto

38. X-Pro1 – The Beach Town of Matosinhos
Taking the X-Pro1 to the coast

39. Eyes front, eyes behind, eyes down and EYES UP
If you don’t look everywhere, then you won’t see everything

40. Hello my name is Adam, and I have a problem with…
My dirty secret comes out in the wash

41. Taking The X-Pro1 Street Shooting
Your fellow humans can make great subjects

42. Work Break
Working with people, who are at work

43. Timeless Line
Taking shots today, that look like they were taken yesterday, or even tomorrow

44. The Overgrown Car
A story told by a car

45. Capturing Movement with the X-Pro1
My advice on using a manual focus solution

46. Fleeing Al Fresco
Telling a story about who’s not there

47. The X-Pro1 and the Prowler
The X-Pro1 captures what your cat really looks like

48. The X-Pro1: Picture Box with Lugs
A camera’s life is like a box of pictures and they need lugs

49. The Grip of Love
The internal exposure triangle, it can be hard – but try not to be too dark

50. Learning to Pleasure Yourself
Learning to Pleasure Yourself: You won’t go blind; in fact it might help you see

51. Keep the Money or Take What’s in the Box?
Taking a look at the X-Pro2 – should I buy one?

52. The Hangover
Grabbing a shot even when you’re a little under the weather

53. Echoes of Harland and Wolff
Remembering the past from an unlikely place

54. Porto People Street Scenes
When Leica send photographers to your home city to promote a new product, then you just know that there’s something special about the place

55. After The Storm – The Calm Sea
When the skies finally dry, and the temperature goes up, how best to saviour the moment?

56. The Architectural Charm of Porto
Porto constantly reminds of the beauty of what once was there, while still showing you the beauty of what endures.

57. The Stray Cats of Porto
Strays, I find them hauntingly beautiful, but do they tell a bigger story?

58. Exploring the Streets of Se (Porto)
When people advise you not to go somewhere, but you want to go there and take pictures, what do you do? Well you go there anyway of course!!

59. Porto Street Art
Graffiti. Vandalism or Art? We certainly won’t answer that here… But for sure the temporal nature of street art is the perfect companion to the eternal nature of photography

60. Shapes and Textures from My World in Porto
A small collection of images made from the things that catch my eye! Shapes and textures are all around us, and provide endless photographical fodder.

61. A Trip To England
A trip back to my childhood home.

62. The São João Party
The might Portuguese street party of São João, let’s go and have a look what happens in the residential areas.

63. What Do You Look For?
It’s great when people like our images, but are there certain types of ‘likes’ that are a whole lot more rewarding than others?

64. The Calm Before…
Personal safety and photography… Well do you want the shot or not?!

65. Acros: A New Way of Working?
I’ve always felt that compared to my colour work, I’ve struggled a little with my monochrome post processing. Is Fuji’s new SOOC film simulation; “Acros” a new way of working for me?

66. Fishy Tales from the Mercado do Bolhão
Not a post for the vegans and vegetarians… But as a documentary photographer sometimes you need to push aside ickyness and just go for the shutter clickiness!

67. All my Fujifilm X-Pro content in one place.
Reviews, Tutorials, Opinion, Rhetoric, Narrative, Stories. Something for everyone, even if you don’t shoot a Fuji Camera

68.Keeper or Deleter!
Keeper or Deleter! Can a shot you didn’t like work? Does it depend on what you wanted & what you got?

69.Thank You All VERY Much
As my “little” missive reaches a personal milestone of views, I think it’s time to share some of your thoughts about the website. And of course to say a massive THANK YOU

70. A Glimpse Behind the Scenes
Ops my bad!! Why I need to pay a little attention to where I go to take pictures

Using RFC (Powered by SilkyPix) Part One

Using RFC (Powered by SilkyPix) Part Two

Using RFC (Powered by SilkyPix) Part Three

Using RFC (Powered by SilkyPix) Part Four

The four links about are my guide to using RFC (Powered by SilkyPix) – the software that ships with many Japanese cameras

Fujifilm Compared to Leica Part One

Fujifilm Compared to Leica Part Two

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