Nouveau Cuisine or Steak and Chips?

Fine dining, nouveau cuisine, a deconstruct, avant-garde…

To be an original photographer is great, like a cutting edge experimental chef, you can truly be out there, delivering people from the way they expect images to look, feel and taste.

Of course, someone who can fill this niche arrives very, very infrequently…

Perhaps it’s you?

It’s certainly not me.

So for the rest of us, there’s no hope?

Not at all, the average diner always wants a decent meal of steak and chips!

So here’s my take on a shot I’m sure you’ll have seen on a ‘menu’ elsewhere!

And remember, even if you are the next honest to gosh, photographical Heston Blumenthal…

…well he can do steak and chips too!

Blurred Bicycle

Learn the classics!


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