A Beautiful Stray

A café that’s on the very edges of our usual spots in town seems inundated with stray cats

Why? Because the café feeds them, and because of this they’re very friendly towards the café’s patrons.

Why do I love shooting stray cats? Cats didn’t ask to be domesticated. When they end up on the streets they stop being adorable kitties and need their most ingrained basic instincts to survive.

Stray cats are often lost in a concrete jungle, having to fend like it’s a real jungle. I find a type of Wabi Sabi beauty to this juxtaposition, that represents an animal that we see as domestic accessory found in a cosy home environment, but actually forced into it’s most base animal existence. It’s a tragic circumstance, but portions of their beauty always seem to remain.

Friendly, Beautiful Stray

Such a beautiful stray.

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