Depending on where you live… I think that there’s a very high chance that when you leave the house, you see something man made.


Homo Sapiens have colonised so much of the globe. We all see it, we are all part of it, and judging by the popularity of landscape photography, many of us yearn for a more natural locale and a less cluttered view!

The most obvious difference between landscapes and cityscapes is shape.

Not so many squares, circles and rectangles in nature, and you’re unlikely to happen upon a dodecahedron either!

Just because you’re miles from some utopian unspoilt wilderness, doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to photograph.

For better or for worse (and yes, often worse) we are human, we made this environment and we continue to change this environment, so don’t forget to document some of the uniquely human shapes that we’ve carved into the world.

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