Eyes front, eyes behind, eyes down and EYES UP


Tree Stray

The true key to photography, is seeing, and the true key to seeing, is too look.

Whereas it’s always good to go out with a specific idea for a shot, then to find something that fits that idea, examine it, refine it and capture it….

….lets be honest, it’s also fun to go out with a camera and look for things you might want to shoot!

But where do you look? Well obviously where you’re going, that’s always important! I’d imagine that you also look left and right, you perhaps look down too.

But the there’s a couple of places you might forget to look, places that can yield great results.

One is behind you, seriously – the path you’ve just walked will look completely different in reverse view, but the brain has a habit of discounting where it’s looked already.

Tree Stray

But the other place that it’s worth looking, is up! The world doesn’t stop at your eye level, and looking up can find you a shot that you might of missed!

In fact you might even find something looking right back at you!

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2 thoughts on “Eyes front, eyes behind, eyes down and EYES UP”

    1. Thank you very much Elaine, I’m trying to make it accessible to anyone with an interest in taking pictures, and keep it free from gear jargon and snoot!


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