Shape and Texture in Your Everyday World

I’ve blogged a lot about seeing, looking out for visually interesting things to shoot. I’ve suggested you look up, down, behind you and all around you.

I’ve suggested that you can find scenes in your home, in your local town centers, really photos are everywhere, but they only become photos when you make them so.

Today’s images are from a walk I took yesterday. I headed off in a direction I don’t normal go (it looked a bit how shall we say? Ghetto) and walked a lot further than I normally do (it was how shall we say? Not raining a monsoon)

With no idea of what I’d find, I had no idea what shots I might get. The sun was bright and high, shadows were bold.

I immediately realised that it would be a day for monochrome shots, and that I would be looking for shape, contrast and texture.

This series was shot with the X-Pro1 and its ever capable sidekick, the XF35. To reinforce the bold nature of the scenes I saw, I stopped down (closed the aperture) a bit more than I normally would.

Clicking each image should take you to it on Flickr, where larger versions and exif info are available for your perusal!


There's a Lady Who Knows...

“There’s a Lady Who Knows…”





Black on White

“Black on White”

Sand Castle

“Sand Castle”

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