After The Storm – The Calm Sea

It had been a stormy few weeks. Unseasonably wet, windy and even wild! Despite it being the month of April, the climate of northern Portugal has been anything but temperate.

In fact ill tempered might be closer to the mark. Winds had battered the coast, the rain had provided a merciless and daily onslaught of machine gun like fury, and worst of all it was cold.

One Saturday we suffered a deluge of hail stones; each around the size of a piece of corn, they had a tommy gun like delivery, covering the ground in only 2 minutes.

It’s funny isn’t it? When the weather’s bad, it’s bad – but when it’s bad when it really shouldn’t be, it’s some how worse.. It affects people. Negatively. People endure ruined weekends, forced in to goggle at the TV, or Google at the computer. Children are deprived of playing out, cats mope around with uncertainty.

Streets are filled with sodden folk, scurrying to get home; the roads seem extra specially gridlocked as rush hour traffic can’t quite rush as it wants.

Moods change as well, there’s no time to stop and chat, to window shop… A coffee at the outside CafĂ©? Forget it. Yes, this affects people. Negatively. Daily life becomes curtailed and truncated. Simple pleasures washed away.

Then; as if by magic, the weather clears – as if the sun had triumphed in some sort of primordial battle against the darkness!! The ambient temperature raises, having the net effect of raising the ambiance, the clouds disperse and the light radiates.

And best of all, this happened on a public holiday!

The streets, stores and cafes resound with people, the play parks hum to thriving children. The beach reclaims the lives of dog walkers, kite flyers, swimmers and surfers.

The rain is all but forgotten and all but forgiven.

But what about you? How would you celebrate this day of glorious weather, after so many weeks of grey skies?

Do you get out and about, cramming in activities – trying to make up for the missing sunny days?

Or do you stop, be calm and saviour the moment?

There’s no right answer!

But when we’re reminded that so much of what we can do is governed by our physical relationship to meteorological events, I personally think it’s only right to saviour the better moments in any way we can.

The Calm Sea
X-Pro1 / XF35 F1.4. ISO:200 1/4000 @ F1.4. Click for larger version with full Exif.

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