So… What do you look for?

Away from the platform of paying clients… Do you like it when people like your images?

I’m guessing yes 🙂

But what sort of liking do you like to get?!

Do you aim for a certain type of liking, or is a compliment always good?

Who sees your images?

Your social media followers, people on the forums you frequent, your family, your friends?

All or most of the above I assume?

And the positive feedback you get, is it all a muchness to you, or are there certain types of things you could hear all day?!

When other photographers like your work, it’s VERY pleasing; after all they understand right? They know what you did (or didn’t) do to get the shots, they have their own skills and experiences to appraise your shots against.

You can’t really hide from other photographers… They know what you know! They’re not your Mum (!!) they’re not going to look at a shot of your kid and say keep those pictures of my beautiful granddaughter coming Adam. No, they’re going to see your work and see it for what it is, without emotional attachment. (Even if they like you emotionally!)

Very few of my close personal friends are photographers..

So I tend to ‘spare’ them too many shots on social media (I’m not entirely sure they’d agree with that statement 🙂 )

But as much as I try to keep my personal news feed free of too many photographs (sic) and more full of personal reportage snaps, (that my friends and family actually want to see) of course I can’t resist the odd shot here and there

So, that leads me onto this shot:

A Quiet Spot
X-Pro1 + XF60 Shot in Gaia, overlooking the Douro.

Unusually for my friends and family, this one proved to be really popular!

Some of them praised the colours.

Some of them praised the overall look of the scene.

One (who’s not a ‘tog himself) even went so far as to say ‘the subject separation is amazing’

But one of my friends, stuck at her desk, at work in an office in rainy old England, went so far as to say

“What I wouldn’t give to be sitting on THAT bench now, the sun shining down, hearing the breeze through the trees”

And isn’t that the best compliment ever?

When you make an image that can transport someone to some place else, make them speculate about what it feels like to be exactly where you were; in short – you engaged their imagination, fired it up and drove it along.

Sure it’s great when other ‘togs with technical understanding, understand that you did a good bit of work…

But when it comes down too it – isn’t using visual aids to stimulate an audience, truly what photography is about?

And isn’t that a bit more special than (perhaps) hearing you did a good job with (say) the highlights?

I truly think so.

When you eat at a nice restaurant, you may not be so interested in how the food was made, but you’re very interested in how it tastes.

This photography lark is not so different!

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