Explained! The X-Pro2 and the Story of the Missing Eye Cups

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Continuing the blog serialisation of my popular X-Pro Series lust/hate/love story:

Part 113: Explained! The X-Pro2 and the Story of the Missing Eye Cups

I can’t believe that it’s 21 months now since I got my X-Pro2. Time really flies!

I’ve used it a lot and I have to say that by and large it’s performed flawlessly.

Sure, there’s some scratches here and there that come with using (not abusing) cameras.

But bar one thing, I haven’t really had any cause for complaint.

But that one thing, well I have to say it’s been a big complaint.

I (like many of you) found that my rubber eye cup became detached from the camera.

Now I know for a fact that this happened to many X-Pro2s, sadly this was a very consistent failure

But what was not so consistent was Fujifilm’s initial way of resolving the problem.

It seemed that for certain territories, Fujifilm simply sent out a replacement eyecup.

While for others, they asked that camera was returned to them for repair.

This inconsistency was quickly identified and discussed, after all there’s a colossal online community around the Fujifilm brand, and we all talk to each other (usually nicely too 🙂 )

A typical online discussion about this would go something like this:

Aw man, my eyecup feel off and Fujifilm are telling me I need to send the camera in. I wonder how long it’ll take to be repaired?

Which was often countered with

Yeah mine fell off too, but Fujifilm just sent me one in the mail. The new one just pushes in

Which predictably enough led to a retort such as

That’s not fair, why do I have to send my camera in and be without it, whilst you just get a new part send to you? If it’s simply a little rubber ring that anyone can fit, why is my Fujifilm service centre asking for the whole camera?

All understandable enough.

To further muddy the waters. Third party aftermarket accessory company JJC, started selling third party aftermarket accessory eyecups! Not only in the standard X-Pro2 size, but also in a deeper variant that should work better for wearers of glasses. (A deeper eye cup would have been a good, good thing Fuji… A good thing)

It seemed that the message was clear, these rubber eyecups are designed to pop on and are easy for the home user to replace.

If the eyecup waters weren’t muddy enough, we also had quite different testimonies from people who’d retro fitted either OEM Fujifilm or JJC eyecups.

Some said well I fitted the new eyecup, and three hours later it was lost again for others, there was no problem: new eyecup well and truly in place, thanks Fuji!

So mixed messages. Do Fujifilm have to fit eyecups or can we do it ourselves?

The answer is that Fujifilm have to do it.

The eyecup needs to be bonded on.

The reason that some people had greater success with replacing their own eyecup depends on environmental factors such as does the camera rub on your chest when you’re carrying it, and how tight is the camera in your camera bag; but also very much on how the old one came out.

If the old one came out cleanly, leaving no residue or bits of rubber behind, then there was far more chance that the new one would seat properly and stay put (especially if the camera was a loose fit in your bag and you carry your camera with a wrist strap)

By simply sending out a new eyecup, Fujifilm had no way of determining the cleanliness of the mating surface on the camera, so they had no way of knowing if a replacement eyecup would stay put.

Those of us who send their cameras back to Fujifilm didn’t just get a new eyecup.

We got a whole new eyecup housing. A replacement of the complete part on which the eyecup sits. Along with (I BELIEVE) a superior bonding process.

I hope I’m not jinxing my camera when I say that it’s been 10 months now, and my eye cup is still there!

Whatever the problem was with the original assembly process for the eyecup/eyecup housing, it was never going to be resolved by simply replacing a like-for-like part.

After all if you repeat a process you repeat the result.

Here is the complete eyecup assembly that Fujifilm replace when you send the camera to them

This is the key component that requires replacement, and the one they won’t send you in the post! (I suspect the whole top plate might need to come off to get to this..)

That’s what that looks like from the underside – the ribbon cable is for the eye sensor, the clear plastic sprigot type thingamy controls the dioptre setting.

If you look closely you can see that the original eyecup doesn’t cleanly pop out, it can leave fragments behind and this is what makes refitting your own eyecup a lottery

The complete eyecup assembly

The JJC ‘extended’ eyecup. This really would be nicer than the original design. Shame it doesn’t stay put.

So there you have it! That’s why we had different experiences to the eyecup problem (should I call it eyecupgate 🙂 ) and why the true fix for the problem is to send your camera in to Fujifilm so that they can do a proper repair. I suspect that the Fujifilm territories that sent out new eyecups were commendably doing their best to keep the customer happy and to keep the customer in possession of their camera.

I’ve had not heard of anyone having this problem for a while, so I assume that everyone’s now had their camera fixed by Fujifilm and that newer build X-Pro2s come out of the factory with a better bonded eyecup

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this explanation and a small chance to see behind the scenes of your X-Pro2?

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8 Replies to “Explained! The X-Pro2 and the Story of the Missing Eye Cups”

  1. Hi Adam,
    That sums it all up in a nut shell. You and I had many email exchanges about this problem and it was you who had advised me how Europe handled the problem vs how the USA handled it. I went through 4 eyecups which Fuji USA (New Jersey) was happy to send out to me. You on the other hand sent off or took your camera to England where they replaced the assembly.

    I love the X pro 2 as I have loved almost all of the X series but knowing there was a solution employed in one region of the world that ended the problem left a bad taste in my mouth concerning the Fuji company.

    It took two (2) years for Fuji to finally acknowledge the solution in the USA and I am glad they finally did but in reality no a scale of 1 to 10 they scored a 1 in my opinion.

    While all of the rubber eyepieces continued to fall off, the viewfinder collected dirt inside it, which also meant that the water resistance built into the Xpro2 was not there. Bad performance Fuji 😢.

    Fortunately, the repair they performed at no charge after two years is holding and I, like you, hope I have not jinxed it.


    1. Hi Elliot,

      Thanks very much

      I believe the US to have far superior customer service than Europe, so I’m surprised that Fuji UK kind of got it right (after the Fuji HQ getting the design so wrong!), I some times wonder if Fuji US were just so keen to resolve customers issues that they issued the part without thinking it through


      1. I tend to think we shall never know what Fuji US was thinking but I am just glad it finally got resolved. It does not diminish my love for the Xpro2 but it does make me more wary of things they may say and do in the future.


  2. I bought my X-Pro2 when it launched and had to send it in to Fujifilm UK twice to have the eyecup replaced. Fortunately it was under warranty both times, so I wasn’t charged. Whatever they did the second time worked because it’s still on there now (touch wood).

    I hope the eyecup issue is something they fix for the X-Pro3.


    1. Hi Barry,

      I’m glad they got there in the end! I hope that any X-Pro3 has significant improvements to nearly all aspects of the viewfinder, but yes – starting with the eyecup!


  3. Shame Fujifilm won’t do right by their early adopters though. Mine is missing too and Fujifilm wants $180 to fix it. For a camera that costs $1,700 and having this being a common issue with the earlier version of the camera is unacceptable if they plan to charge us for something that should’ve been a recall on their part to begin with. This issue seems to have been fixed with the later cameras that were shipped with the Np-126s batteries meaning Fujifilm started to use the stronger bonding agent on the other X-Pro2’s.


    1. One of the things I’ve picked up on running this site is that Fujifilm really do seem to operate completely differently in the various countries and territories that their products are sold in, and that’s a very great shame and not a good way to be


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