2018: Twelve of my Favourites – Colour

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Continuing the blog serialisation of my popular X-Pro Series lust/hate/love story:


Part 144: 2018: Twelve of my Favourites – Colour


As you’ll realise by now, this part of my blog consists of articles that I wrote some weeks ago, which means occasionally I get to an article that’s topical (which I don’t tend to blog) or seasonal, in which case I do!


So here’s the article from last Christmas time  🙂


I know that 2018 isn’t quite over yet…. of course not everyone follows the Gregorian calendar, but for those of us that do, we’re less than two weeks away from a new year.


Typically this is the season that goads us into retrospection.


The best of 2018 is almost certainly a phrase you’ll read a lot over the coming days.


For me, I don’t think best is necessarily a quantifiable term.


I’ve decided to go with favourite.


And in terms of the annual introspective?


Well for someone who reckons himself to be primarily a colour photographer, I’m actually shocked at how few colour photographs I’ve uploaded to Flickr this year!


So for the first part of my year’s end round up, we’ll look at twelve colour photographs that I’ve taken in 2018, all ones I happen to like (even if perhaps it could be argued that others are better)


Sunset Surfers
Sunset Surfers: I think even the most cursory gander over my online photo streams will reveal that I enjoy shooting at the beach. I like this shot for the deep DOF, the figure-ground relationship of all of the people, the slight sense of movement from the slow(ish) shutter speed and most of all the mood of the dusty sunset


Alone on the Beach
Alone on the Beach: I like this shot for the sense of vast space, the colours and the subject separation of the two walking figures


Faded Beauty
Faded Beauty: A cursory gander over my photos will reveal that I enjoy shooting at the beach, but anyone who regularly reads me will know that I’m an Englishman living in Northern Portugal… and this photo (to me at least) captures Porto’s narrow, winding (and often damp) ancient streets as I feel them.


Ever Forwards
Ever Forwards: In my street work I like to look for what I think of as humanistic moments, a combination or contrast of people, and this scene really drew my eye.


An Open Door
An Open Door: I liked this scene for the mystery of what the women is looking at inside and the juxtaposition of her being outside but with a small view to her private life via the open door.


Three's a Crowd
Three’s a Crowd: Some say photos should have no description or title…. I say if you get the right title, then no description is necessary!


Douro Fog
Douro Fog: I’m not one for landscapes (nothing against those that are or any of the truly awe inspiring landscape photos that I’ve seen) but something about the fog rolling in from the Atlantic and enveloping an otherwise beautiful sunny day really spoke too me.


Stumbling in the Neon Grove
Stumbling in the Neon Grove: I like the feel of the night time. My younger days saw me awake and out at all times of the night! The night time world can be eerie and strange, lonely yet invigorating. (Kudos if you get where the title has come from!)


Beach Soul
Beach Soul: I set out wanting a shot that showed the active life of the beach. It wasn’t too hard to find a scene… but waiting for so many completely independent (of each other) subjects to come together at the right time took a few goes.


September Sunlight Dared Delight
September Sunlight Dared Delight: Another shot that I consider to be “humanistic” I saw that this scene was going to unfold (I was on the bridge in the background at the time) and rushed there setting up my camera as I went.


An Empty Chair and a Cloudy Memory
An Empty Chair and a Cloudy Memory: In late autumn the crowds thin out and the beach becomes quite empty. This changes the types of scenes that I’m exposed to, but this doesn’t stop me finding humanistic moments to capture, they’re sometimes just a little more subtle.


Big Bad Waves
Big Bad Waves: I’d already noticed the amazing capacity for reflections that the standing pool of sea water offered and the large waves breaking above it. I couldn’t believe my luck when two people decided to chance walking along there.


If you’re celebrating this festive season then I truly hope that you enjoy a magical and wonderful time.


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