2018: Twelve of my Favourites – Monochrome

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Continuing the blog serialisation of my popular X-Pro Series lust/hate/love story:


Part 145: 2018: 2018: Twelve of my Favourites – Monochrome


As you’ll realise by now, this part of my blog consists of articles that I wrote some weeks ago, which means occasionally I get to an article that’s topical (which I don’t tend to blog) or seasonal, in which case I do!


So here’s the article from last New Years time  🙂



So last week we looked at twelve of my favourite colour photos from 2018, and this week (surprisingly enough!) we’re going to look at twelve of my favourite black and white shots.


Like I said last time, I’m actually flabbergasted just how much I’ve been shooting in monochrome this year, I can’t really put my finger on why this is, but it is what it is!


It'll Soon Pass
It’ll Soon Pass: I truly believe that the rain makes an interesting backdrop for street photography, in fact I often wish I owned some WR lenses!


The River Flows
The River Flows: I’m not really one for landscapes (but no offence intended to those that are) – this came about as I went for a ‘street’ type shot and the battery was dead, by the time I’d swapped it out for a fresh one the intended subject had long since gone, but then the flock of birds streaked across the scene and well… I liked the end result!


Forms of Columbiformes
Forms of Columbiformes: No people, so hidden scene and a very common creature… sometimes you’ve just got to make a scene from what’s around you.


The Hurry Home
The Hurry Home: I won’t bore you with a) how long I waited to get the solitary figure not looking at the camera at just the place I wanted in the frame or b) how wet I got doing so!


Alone at Last and Skipping in the Sand
Alone at Last and Skipping in the Sand: Happy in title and context, but sometimes love can just be a big empty space


Porto Hill Climb
Porto Hill Climb: I love shooting these sinewy steep streets, but they must be hard work to climb day in and day out.


A Waiting Game
A Waiting Game: Who’s waiting? Who’s that figure sitting at the back and what are they waiting for?


A Journey Begins
A Journey Begins: Every time we leave the house it’s too go on some sort of journey.


Escape the Clammy Valley
Escape the Clammy Valley: The heat of summer, the temptation of water and the bravery of youth.


Impatience: Moments are like photographs (sic), not everyone shares the same feelings about them


Deep Within Their Own Worlds
Deep Within Their Own Worlds: At the beach and by the sea and perfectly disconnected.


and Into the Sea
and Into the Sea: I try to be technically competent when I photograph.. but sometimes it’s worth just trying a different approach.


Not everyone follows the Gregorian calendar, but for those of you that do, have a great new years’ eve.


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