2019: Twelve of my Favourites – Monochrome

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That time of the year is upon us once again… I appreciate that not everyone celebrates a festival at this time of the Gregorian year, but it’s certainly the time for a year in review and the best of… type narratives, and my site is no exception. 🙂



What can I tell you about 2019? Well plenty, it’s been a year of change…. but little of that change has much to do with my photography and this isn’t mumsnet so I’ll spare you the fluff and just talk about the pictures.


One thing about 2019 is that it’s been my least prolific year for photography in quite a while… I’m sparing you the fluff, so that also includes that ol’ bluff quality over quantity 🙂 Life’s just got in the way, much of that life is good, but life nevertheless!


If you follow me on social media (thank you) and if you pay attention to my tags and EXIF (two big ifs, I grant you) then you might have noticed that I’ve been spending a whole lot more time with my Leica M9 than either of my two Fujifilm X-Pro cameras.


This has lead me be writing far less on this blog (which needs to drop it’s Fuji-centric nature and expand it’s horizons) which is something I’d like to address… Anyway onto the photographs, and whereas this time last year I was surprised at just how many monochrome images I’d produced, this year it’s been entirely the opposite… Ah whatever, it’s been a colourful year! No complaints, no regrets.


Let’s move onto to the photos, all either taken in 2019 or earlier but edited and presented in 2019!


Twelve of my 2019 Favourites – Monochrome


The Empty Platform
The Empty Platform: I enjoy shooting street, I like the anonymity that busyness presents. The resulting photos can leave the viewer feeling they’re in the crowd.


Fortitude of Love
Fortitude of Love: Of course you don’t have to get in close to capture a mood like I did above! Shallow DOF can add depth and feeling even when you’re a little distance away.


A Lazy Hot Day
A Lazy Hot Day: The decisive moment?  🙂  Person in swimming gear, standing by the river, buddy already in the water…. But a do the math moment doesn’t really have the same ring to it!


Beach Play
Beach Play: Even the most cursory glance at my work should show you how much I enjoy shooting at the beach. The empty space makes it easy to achieve subject isolation and layering whilst still enjoying the benefits of a deep DOF (this was F8, exif will say more because of the ND filter)


Sand and Solitude
Sand and Solitude: Some days F8 guides my hand, others F1 charms my ideas!


Monuments of Separation
Monuments of Separation: All those years of F1.4 on APSC meant it took me a very, very long time to become immune to the siren call of F1 on FF…. (medium format shooters can move on, nothing to see here!!)


Summertime, and the livin' is easy
Summertime, and the livin’ is easy: It’s been a very wet year here this year… A tog’s still gotta tog though right?


Pensive Smile
Pensive Smile: Yes she let me take it. Yes she let me put it on the internet. I’m not convinced she really likes it though…


Wet Under Cover
Wet Under Cover: Told ya it was a wet year!


Souls in the Breeze
Souls in the Breeze: Occasionally things just come together and you happen to be there and happen to be ready… My personal favourite of the year.


Close but Apart
Close but Apart: The cheap 50mm F1 7artisans eventually became supplemented with a native lens that only opens to 1.4 but gives a lot more IQ (and cost). One of my better (early) attempts to zone focus it.


Steps of the Ages
Steps of the Ages: Do you ever do this? I delved into the 2018 catalogue for some historical reason and discovered this from nigh on 2 years ago, and thought I like that, why didn’t I process it at the time? I can’t answer – but I’m glad I found it.


There we have it, my personal 12 black and white favourites from 2019!


Not everyone follows the Gregorian calendar, but for those of you that do, have a great holiday.


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