2019: Twelve of my Favourites – Colour

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Predictably enough after last week’s 2019: Twelve of my Favourites – Monochrome post, I’m going to close the year out with twelve of my favourite colour images.


Like I mentioned last time, 2019 hasn’t been my most prolific year for image taking… but I’ve made more colour shots than black and white ones (well the raw file is always colour, but I’ve mainly left it in colour this year)


I’m not sure if there’s been any underlying reason behind that… and this time next year we’ll just have to see how the balance is…


Again, as noted last time, these shots will all be with the Leica M9, which has been my main camera this year. I’m a little surprised by this… The M9 is many things, but a highly versatile tool suitable for use in a variety of environments and light conditions isn’t one of those things.


Maybe that’s why my overall shot count is so low 🙂


Let’s move onto to the photos, unlike last week which featured some older images only edited this year these are all taken in 2019.


Twelve of my 2019 Favourites – Colour


Sweeping Sun
Sweeping Sun: Being on the beach with a camera and often at golden hour/sunset continues to be a strong theme for me and I wasn’t far into the year before I caught this little moment.


Waiting for the Man
Waiting for the Man: Street and framing relationships between non-connected objects continues to draw my eye, I did feel I made a better job of this with my 2018 work, but I’ll keep trying.


Faint Heat
Faint Heat: Different day, different sunset, different people, same beach!


The Contemplator
The Contemplator: When I work on the beach, I try where ever possible to capture scenes with a strong figure/ground relationship. The world has many photos now and overly complicated scenes easily get lost. I feel this was one of my better attempts.


The Coastal Card Game
The Coastal Card Game: Previous statement aside, sometimes a scene is so busy that there’s many ways to present it, which can be daunting… but I find I like the challenge!


I Scream/You Scream/The Dog Dreams for Ice Cream
I Scream/You Scream/The Dog Dreams for Ice Cream: As you might imagine, I’m a fan Martin Parr’s work… external inspiration is very important, but please don’t think I’m deluding myself here! Now let’s not ever mention that name any where near mine again!!


Watching. Waiting. Thinking.
Watching. Waiting. Thinking.: Personally I feel that sometimes a strong scene is a simple one, a moment we can’t possibly share but one we can all relate too.


Food in the Fog
Food in the Fog: Usually when the fog rolls in I find myself thinking in monochrome, but there was no way that this was ever anything but a colour shot.


The Blue Jeans
The Blue Jeans: I’ve lived here for quite a while now, I’ll always be an outsider but I certainly feel comfortable here. Sometimes it’s good to remember the typical scenes and the little touches that give a place its character (no matter how times you’ve seen them)


if only, if only, if only
if only, if only, if only: I think photographers can debate storytelling in photos all day long… can you tell a story in a picture? I mean a whole story? I’m not convinced… Perhaps just a scene from a story, just enough for a viewer to join the dots, breathe life into the protagonists via their imaginations. I think I’ve managed that here.


Love is... old age exploration
Love is… old age exploration: This year I got the chance to see other areas of the country, to visit new places and understand a little (and I mean a little) more this land I now call home. This photo reminds me that we’re all in this together and we’re all exploring.


Dying Sun
Dying Sun: The sun sets on 2019 and you might watch it sink or walk on by. The decade expires tonight and we’ll all have our memories and experiences from the past ten years some positive and some negative. Hopefully these experiences are blended in a way that comforts you but whichever mix it is, remember the sun rises tomorrow.


There we have it, my personal 12 colour favourites from 2019!


Not everyone follows the Gregorian calendar or does but can’t be bothered with the whole ‘new year’s eve’ thing, but for those of you that do have a great time tonight.


Let’s start a new decade, embrace the leap year and make that jump to focus on our dreams.


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