Foto Friday: I Like Drivin’ in my Car

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Foto-Friday, every Friday a new picture


Mrs Adam and I have developed a bit of a routine. If she has an appointment in town or at the office (a fairly rare occurrence in these virus afflicted times) I tag along to amuse myself (which means take pictures)


Not being precisely where I want to be and having a time limit isn’t exactly conducive to successful photography….


In fact I doubt you’ve seen many photos from these trips 😉


But occasionally some happenstance will befall my viewfinder and not always my usual sorta subjects (although to be fair I have tried to broaden my horizons a bit lately)


This particular day Mrs. Adam was at the office, which is quite near the sea. I thought I might be able to make something out of it, but it wasn’t really happening to be honest.


Then as I turned a literal corner I also turned a proverbial one!!


There glinting in the sunlight was a truly stunning classic car


I’m not at all nationalistic, I don’t live in the country where I was born and grew up in. But sometimes I see something from the old country and I have a little smile


But not as much of a smile as I would being the owner of this gorgeous classic Jaguar, pulling away to drive along the coast on a beautiful autumn’s day.


I Like Drivin' in my Car (It's not quite a Jaguar... oh no wait!!)


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