X-Pro2: New Firmware v3.00

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On March 30th, (2017) Fujfilm released new firmware (FW = basically the camera Operating System) for the X-T2 & X-Pro2 cameras.

Focusing on the X-Pro2, let’s take a look at some of the improvements and new features.

If you haven’t already; you can download the latest X-Pro2 FW from this link:

X-Pro2 Firmware

The Full list of Camera and Lens FW can be found on the link below

Fuji Body and Lens Firmware

A online manual (in English) detailing all the camera features (including the new ones from this FW update) can be viewed by clicking here I haven’t seen this document in downloadable PDF format yet.

Here’s the complete list of features and improvements.

I don’t have the full info on all of these items, but here’s what I do know!

  1.  Shooting RAW in Bracketing and Advanced Filters

When using bracketing mode, we previously were only able to create a RAF file when shooting AE bracketing, but now we’re able to have a RAW file when using the other bracketing (eg Film Simulations) modes

2.  Extended ISO 125 and 160 selectable

My understanding is that the expanded ISO settings are not really ISO but software push… so for these new ISO 125/160 modes the camera will most likely over expose, then artificially darken the shot for the SOOC Jpegs. For this feature to operate you’ll need to in be mechanical shutter mode (not mechanical + electronic or electronic only shutter modes)

3.  Programmable long exposure of up to 15 minutes

The rang of Shutter Speed available when using the ‘T’ mode has been extended to allow long exposures of up to 15 minutes. This means that if you set the SS dial to the ‘T’ setting, then longer exposures are now possible

4.  “AUTO” setting added for the minimum shutter speed in the ISO Auto setting

This setting adds an auto ISO setting whereby the camera selects the minimum shutter speed based on the focal length of the lens fitting.

Fuji have this to say about this feature:

“The camera will automatically choose a minimum shutter speed approximately equal to the inverse of the lens’ focal length, in seconds (for example, if the lens has a focal length of 50 mm, the camera will choose a minimum shutter speed in the neighbourhood of 1⁄50”

I quickly tested this… I think a minimum shutter speed of 1.5x the focal length might be more realistic, that’s certainly what I was seeing when I tried it with the XF23 (so FF focal length equivalence SS)

I’m personally a little wary about features like this… for example 1.5 x FL of the 18mm is about 1/27 – this is quite slow to hand hold a shot, and if the scene has anything moving then you’ll need to use a higher speed.

5.  Faster “Face Detection AF”

The update enables the use of Phase Detection AF for faster performance in Face Detection AF.

6.  Improved in-focus indication in the AF-C mode

This is designed to aid in focus tracking a moving subject, apparently improving the amount of ‘hunting’ the camera undergoes in order to maintain focus.

7.  Addition of a smaller Focus Point size in Single Point AF

The focus box (in the EVF) can now be made even smaller in order to facilitate pin-point focusing

8.  Addition of “AF Point Display”

You can now have a display of AF Points in Zone AF and Wide/Tracking AF, this helps you to track a moving subject

To set this feature, go too AF/MFSETTING>AF POINT DISPLAY in the menu

9.  Addition of “AF-C Custom Setting”

The update adds five AF-C tracking pre-sets that should be selected depending on the type of movement that your subject is likely to be doing! eg erratic movement or sudden acceleration.

Here’s a link (click here) to Fuji’s documentation about each of these settings

To set this feature, go too AF-C CUSTOM SETTING in the menu

10.  Change of focus frame position while enlarging it

You can now enlarge the focus box and move it at the same time, whilst in AF-S or MF modes

11.  Addition of “Eye Sensor + LCD Image Display” in the View Mode

This setting displays the most recently taken shot, on the LCD, the moment after you’ve taken it.

12.  Shorter EVF display time-lag

Improvement of EVF display time-lag in the AF-C mode.

13.  Name Custom Settings

Finally! After years of people asking, we can now assign custom names for each of the C1-7 profiles in the Q menu

To set this feature, go too IMAGE QUALITY SETTING>EDIT/SAVE CUSTOM SETTING>CUSTOM1-7>EDIT CUSTOM NAME in the menu. Alternatively, press the Q button to access the Q Menu, then press and hold the Q button for a while and you’ll shortcut into the customise Q settings menu that now allows you to rename the profiles

14.  Copyright information in EXIF data

We can now add custom copyright info directly into the RAW/Jpeg files, so that our files have our name/contact details burnt into them directly from the camera.

To set this feature, go too SET UP>SAVE DATA SET-UP>COPYRIGHT INFO in the menu

15.  Voice Memo function

The update enables you to record Voice Memos in the Playback mode. According to Fuji’s release notes: When recorded images are displayed, press the front command dial for a while to start memo recording. When you remove your finger from the dial, it stops.

To set this feature, go too PLAY BACK MENU>VOICE MEMO SETTING>ON in the menu

This could conceivably be quite useful… Like a spoken word GPS 🙂 or if you wish to record a note about the settings you’re using.

16.  Extended AE Bracketing

A feature that many have been asking for, for a very long time! We can no take bracketed exposures, up from 3, to 9 frames and from +/-2EV now up to +/-3EV. 🙂

17.  Addition of “Shoot Without Card” mode

If set ‘Shoot without Card’ to OFF then the camera won’t fire the shutter is there’s no SD card in the body. This immediately tells you that there’s no card present. Personally I’ve enabled this safety feature, YMMV

To set this feature, go too SET UP>BUTTON/DIAL SETTING>SHOOT WITHOUT CARD in the menu

As you can see, there’s an extensive list of improvements, and for this Fujifilm must be applauded. Of course we each have things that we’d like to see added or annoyances we’re like to see removed, and FW updates are often accompanied with the internet chatter of disappointment.

I too have things I’d like to see added…

Here’s my own personal wish list of future FW modifications:

  • Being able to change the colour of the X-Pro2 frame lines in the OVF
  • Add the AF-L and AE-L function to any of the available Fn buttons
  • Make the histogram read the whole frame in ERF mode
  • Make an option for the DOF preview in MF mode on the OVF to work like on x-pro1.
  • Interlocking of zone-af and center weighted photometry area

I suspect that many of you are disappointed that Fuji didn’t implement the ISO control via the command dial that the X100F has, and now the X-T2 has via a FW update. I’m surprised we didn’t get this feature on the X-Pro2

But the most important thing to remember is that Fujifilm gives us these updates for FREE, they constantly update the majority of their products, today even releasing updates for a body and some lenses that are over 4 years old.

So I REALLY do think that Fujifilm should be applauded for doing this, not criticised and moaned at 🙂

If you feel I’ve made any mistakes, get in touch.


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The X-Pro Series Content: Referenced and All In One Place

The X-Pro Series Content: A Contents Page with Page Numbers and a Brief Description

2 Replies to “X-Pro2: New Firmware v3.00”

  1. Totally agree and also greatly want the list of future firmware updates for the X-Pro2 you made.

    In addition, Fujifilm should include stuff they added for the X-T2, but omitted from the X-PRO2. Most notably are:
    – the ISO command dial option, I think this at the top of most people’s list.
    – auto rear LCD GUI orientation in portrait mode, why don’t all Fuji X cameras do this AND EVF?
    – that independent AF point position set thing between landscape and portrait orientations. Super useful.
    – and honestly, anything that isn’t a hardware limitation on the X-Pro2, should be implemented. I don’t think Fujifilm should have any concerns about leveling up the playing field between their two flagship models.. and as they are such, why is one seemingly grossly overspec’ed over the other?. I have no doubt that the popularity and stronger sales will always go towards the X-T2 over the X-Pro2.. more people seem to prefer the X-T2 and I feel they don’t utilize not take advantage of the hybrid OVF of the X-Pro2, and thus are less gravitated towards it.. would rather get the X100F if they want a rangefinder style camera.. and even then, I feel a lot use the EVf over the OVF.

    And I don’t think it’s a matter of costs anymore. At this point, we’re getting free upgrades and they are pretty significant ones too. I think they should keep the flagship models closer in features as possible, even though you may not necessarily use them all.

    Either way, between the 2 models, the x-t2 will still always dominate sales and be a bit more popular than the X-Pro2. I think sales of both models would not only stay steady, but could increase if they better match them in specs and abilities wherever possible. Even more reason to consider an X-Pro2 or add one to your X-T2 kit.

    I’m no marketing guy, but just my personal opinion. And, I think this may help adjust consumer opinion about the value proposition of the X-Pro2 being that it is more $$ than the X-T2 and the X-Pro2 is overall less feature rich (and maybe that’s why some go for the x100f instead). Sure, it may be because of the hybrid viewfinder, but that’s been around for so long since the beginning. If anything, this particular piece of tech in the X-Pro2​ hasn’t evolved that much since the x100t (even longer if you count it’s inception at the beginning of the Fuji ILC X line 5 years ago)… It should cost less as time moves forward.. IDK, again, I’m no marketing or production expert, just my humble opinion.


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