I saw my cat race up into a small tree…

Nooooo I nearly screamed, no Luna – leave the birds alone…

Obviously she completely ignored me, largely because she enjoys hunting, but of course also

she’s a cat, she doesn’t tend to enter into extended existential dialogue with me about the intrinsic gravity of personal identity and why she does what she does

So I raced into the tree to save whatever poor feathered creature was about to meet its maker….

(Birds huh? Technically a form of living dinosaur, therefore descended from some of the largest and most fearsome animals ever to roam the planet, now -by and large- small creatures that like to sing to each other first thing in the morning !!)


That tree had no bird in it

I’m not sure who was more keen to flee, me or the cat….

The Calm Before the Swarm

I’ve never seen a swarm of bees before… and I’m not sure that a few inches away is the best position to start from!

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