SOOC: The Importance of Being Earnest (One)

So, “Photoshop”

This word is the name of a piece of software, made by Adobe. (Also made by Adobe is software called Lightroom)

Its become so ubiquitous with image editing and manipulation that it’s practically a verb, much like to ‘hoover’ the lounge, everyone knows what you mean, even though a Hoover is a brand, you might actually be using a vacuum!

So should we edit our images? Hell yes, it’s like saying salt goes well with vinegar or even salt and vinegar goes well with fish and chips, well 100% yes, a good bit of post production did anyone any harm.

Your favourite album probably wasn’t recorded by a group of musicians huddled round a microphone. Each was separately recorded, then mixed together to make the record you love.

But sometimes, don’t you like a great live album or even a bootleg gig?

There’s something raw about live music, a soul that although not lost in a studio, isn’t quite the same as a gig.

Sometimes, you can get an image Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC) that works, works well and doesn’t really need anything else..

Trying Mummy's Breakfast

…Sure it could look a little better, but it doesn’t need too… That’s why some of the best ever albums were recorded 50 years ago, on 4 Track. Get it right and it’s right.

This image is one of my most popular, both with myself 🙂 and  many others (who don’t have the emotive attachment to the subjects that I do!)

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