SOOC: The Importance of Being Earnest (Two)

Earlier I posted here about Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC).

I made comparisons to recording artists and the need for soul.

Studio albums sound great, with robust production.

But how would you feel if it turned out your favourite singer needed Auto-Tune?

Cheated? Made a fool of?

Would your appreciation of the artist increase or decrease if you found out that a big part of their sound was digital manipulation?

Like I wrote in part one, salt and vinegar goes well with fish and chips, but here I’m adding, but don’t over do it, it’ll taste a little to sharp! There’s a reason that the things we put on our meals are called condiments and we don’t eat them neat!

Often in image editing we lighten or darken (or both) parts of our images – this is known as ‘dodging and burning’, this adds details, or takes them away or forces the viewer’s eye to a point of our choosing.

It’s not a new thing… Even in the darkroom days, film shooters could selectively over/underexpose different parts of an image..

But, again I have to say – if you get the light and the dark right in the camera, then there’s really no big need to go heavy handed on the condiments in post..

As ever, if you want to shot a scene with a big juxtaposition of light and dark, look for one. Don’t just add it in later with Auto-Tune

The Dark Table

The image in this post is SOOC, yes, it really looked like that!


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