The Downstairs Toilet Photographer

Welcome to my photography blog, The Downstairs Toilet Photographer.

So this lady at work asked for one of my shots, to print, frame and hang in her home. “So where are you going to hang it? I asked…

Is that a backhanded compliment? Or is it a joy to have a real human ask for a real shot (that you took) to hang in a real home?

As social media and image hosting platforms labour under the ever increasing weight of endless images and countless forums ring to the clitter-clatter keyboards of angry internet warriors, I wanted to do something a little bit yesteryear, I wanted a blog. A blog about photos.

Photography’s not a competition, it’s not a sport, it’s not a pissing contest. Photography is about how you see, what you see and how you capture it.

So lets take it back, back to the pictures, but also to look for the joy of pictures, the meanings of pictures.


I can be reached at

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