Keeping the theme from the previous post about people, this time we’re going to look at a couple of shots that I captured near an office block.

I like people watching, observing the human animal in its natural environment (as the cliché goes)

Of course I really like it when I can grab a shot or two!

Many office locations are architecturely interesting, bold shapes, glass exteriors and water features are loved by designers, and can make for interesting context when taking a picture.

Before we get to the feature image, here’s the shot that I had planned for!

Chewing the Fat

I saw this group from a distance, their forms interestingly (well to my eye) reflected in the water feature of their building. There were engrossed in their conversation, so it was easy to pre-focus the camera and get close enough to take the shot without drawing attention to myself.

It’s not about being sneaky for the sake of it! It’s just that a photograph  of five people looking at you with a quizzical look on their face, a look that says ‘does he have a camera pointed at me?’ Is not a particularly successful shot!

So, having fired off a frame, I thought I ought to check my shot on the LCD (which is a bad habit frankly) to see if the focus setting etc had done the shot any justice..

I decided to take a second shot, looked up and they had gone!

All five were headed back up the stairs and back to work.

I knew that the camera setting should provide enough DOF for the increase in subject distance, so I frame and fired.

Which gives us our feature image!

Back to Work

Considering the rather hurried nature of this, I can’t deny that I’m happy with the outcome!

The shape of the five workers and their reflection is a (to my eye) a visually interesting detail, and I’m pleased with the overall result.





A lot of time and effort goes into this site.. If you like what you see, and/or if I’ve helped you then perhaps you’d considering making a donation?

A lot of time and effort goes into this site.. If you like what you see, and/or if I’ve helped you then perhaps you’d consider helping me?

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