It’s been very cold lately. Yet still the Cafes persist in placing tables and chairs outside…

Sometimes I wonder why, do customers actually sit outside in single digit Celsius temperatures, battered by the breeze; their expressos cooling rapidly as they huddle deeper into their winter coats?

Perhaps it’s more a form of advertising? The ‘look we’re open’ message ringing load and clear?

Whatever the reason, the condition exists and it’s not rare to find Cafes packed on the inside, yet surrounded by forlorn furniture on the outside.

I like these empty scenes very much! I think they lend themselves to the imagination, that the brain is tempted to make a construct as too why the chairs are empty, to speculate about who should be there.

We recently visited a small burger place. Tucked away down a side street, a fairly private location with wonderful food.

They had outdoor seating, but no one was apparently willing to brave the cold. The sun was bright, but the golden light was very much a mismatch for the thermometer reading.

Only one customer sat outside, with a small basket of bread rolls and a generous glass of red; she sat there staring off into the yonder, distanced and detached from the here and now.

I couldn’t help but wonder what exactly was so captivating her inner thoughts… Good, bad? A decision or an idea?

I wondered about taking a photo, started to look for the angle I wanted, hoping that I could catch the implied mystery in a single frame….

….But as I turned my attention back to my subject…

She had gone, a veritable Mary Celeste scene remained; wine not finished, bread hardly touched, reading material discarded on the table top.

These little items being the only lingering clues that someone had ever been sitting there.

I wonder where she went and what made her flee Al Fresco?

Rushed Away
X-Pro1 & XF35. F1.4 1/3000 ISO:200. Processed from RAW in Capture One Pro. Click image for full size version

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2 Replies to “Fleeing Al Fresco”

  1. Cool stuff mate.
    What in the English language could be referred to as a cognitive metaphor by which the glass is associated with something it’s owner had or did not have whilst sitting at the table which has now left the confines of the captured image.
    Did she leave suddenly or was it a pleasant experience and a leisurely departure.
    Or maybe she got creeped out by some bloke with long hair pointing a camera in her direction.
    A very thought provoking blog you are having there mate.


    1. Thanks Alex! We can only speculate that it was the alcohol that was needed from the glass, far more wine was consumed than bread… But why the need for the drink? Was it connected with whatever sped her on her way…? But it’s not me, I’m a veritable ninja with the camera, by the time you know I’m there, I already have the picture 😀


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