The X-Pro1 and the Prowler

That cute little kitty… The one who you let play with your daughter, sleep at your feet and feed from your fingers…

Every wonder what your cat gets up when it’s out and about? (OK, quite possibly not!)

Our little fluff ball becomes a fearsome feline when out on the town!

This metamorphosis is far more than a cerebral change, sure the attitude and the physical stance of the cat changes when she’s outside; she moves with a precision, a purpose – low to the ground, silent and stealthy, every sense on high alert.

But physically her fur changes, it takes on life and exists as it truly is; an extension of the cat itself – her coat seems able to mould itself around her, controlling her shape and profile. When prowling each hair appears as if statically charged, and perfectly poised.

So the X-Pro1 + XF60 and a over excited skittish cat, apparently not this camera’s forte!

I followed the cat around for a bit, to get a sense of where it was going and what it was doing. I knew I wanted a shot that captured the cat’s sense of owning it’s domain, controlling its area and jacking things!

I also wanted to show the fur, alert and charged – to show the physical transformation from house cat to hard arse.

Once the cat leapt on to the thin parapet, then having the hybrid VF on the X-Pro1 was perfect! I used the EVF to set focus; then switched to the OVF and tracked the cat, making sure I kept parallel to where the cat was running to keep focus.

The zero lag OVF helped me time my shot and I’m happy with it!

Once again we see how the oldest X Mount camera and the slowest X Mount lens are actually a perfectly viable combination!


The Prowler
X-Pro1 & XF60. F2.4 1/1900 ISO:200. Processed from RAW in Capture One Pro. Click image for full size version

Fierce and fearless: Luna darts along a narrow wall, about 2 storeys above concrete… She seems aware of every single facet of her environment; both the visual and the intangible.

Every part of her is transfixed on finding and killing prey. She’s a hunter, out on the prowl.

This same kitty who later on will be asking for treats by effecting a kitten’s meow (which she knows you’ll find harder to resist)

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