Life! That smooth running and straight journey that we all make, right? No – not even close.

No, life twists, it turns, rewards, infuriates and burns. We seldom know what’s coming either for ourselves or for others.

Life is most certainly NOT wall to wall, corner to corner deep pile luxuriant carpet. There is beauty in life, but life is not always beautiful.

But the beauty of being a photographer, is that you get to keep a beady eye on life, you live your own life, whilst looking out at the life of others.

Very recently a family member was taken suddenly and seriously ill.

He needed to stay in hospital for 3 weeks.

3 weeks of visiting the hospital every day (having first having travelled 1500miles to be near the hospital)

3 weeks of the depressing views, nauseating smells and complicated bureaucracy of hospitals

3 weeks of reality horror and abstract terror, underpinned with dark speculation.

3 weeks of seeing a strong, enigmatic & ever present man reduced to a weak and humbled human.

3 weeks which were lived as a groundhog day, and now stored in the memory as a indeterminable chunk of time.

3 weeks where it would have been so, so easy to introvert, to moodily brood and to have little hope. So easy to leave a camera at home, and to reserve the imagination only for happy thoughts for the future.

But times like this, as dark as they are, are also times for family, times for speaking, times for seeing, times for thinking.

When things are bleak, love wells up and loved ones gather round. Family tensions can be forgotten and positive energies can be channelled.

It’s easy. Easy to be depressed.

You see a loved one, their body ravaged and weakened, it’s easy to be depressed at the fact that they’re in the grip of a terrible illness.

But remember, there’s also a far more powerful force at work, they’re not just in the grip of illness.

They’re also in the grip of love.

Focus on the love.

In the Grip of Love
X-Pro1 & XF35. F1.8 1/100 ISO:1600. Processed from RAW in Capture One Pro. Click image for full size version

[In case it is of interest: He’s been released from hospital and is now back home]

A lot of time and effort goes into this site.. If you like what you see, and/or if I’ve helped you then perhaps you’d considering making a donation?

A lot of time and effort goes into this site.. If you like what you see, and/or if I’ve helped you then perhaps you’d consider helping me?

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