The X-Pro1: Picture Box With Lugs!

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I see from the web that people are starting to receive their new X-Pro2s.

That must be exciting, to get the call or email that your eagerly awaited camera will be with you soon.

I had a rather exciting email from Fujifilm myself actually….

…No. no, not that!!! Perhaps one day, but for now at least I’ll be sticking with my X-T1/X-Pro1 combo!

No, my missive was a different kind of excitement.

My X-Pro1 was ready for collection.

But what might you wonder was it doing back at Fuji?

I love the X-Pro1, I really do (click here for my X-Pro1 lust/hate/love story) – but the later X cameras are better in many ways…

One example of this evolution and improvement centers on the lugs where the strap attaches.

The early X series cameras (if memory serves… X100/X-E1/X-Pro1) did not have hardened inserts in their strap lugs (later X series cameras do).

Also, the triangular strap attachment clips, were not a perfect shape to sit within the strap lug.

The net result?

Excessive wear to the strap lug.

Now, as I’ve owned the X-Pro1 twice now, I’d first seen this problem on my first example. (The above and the following shots are from my first X-Pro1) Last time this happened, I sent the camera into Fuji UK (NB: the camera was under warranty) and not only did they replace the top plate, but the new top plate came with bushed lugs (like the later X series cameras)

Updated lug design

As well as the different lugs, I was also supplied with a new set of triangular clips.

Note the more rounded shape of the clip at the bottom, which is the new one!

Basically these changes upgrade the lug/strap attachment design to the same as the later cameras.

So second time around (NB: the camera was under warranty), I knew exactly what to expect as Fuji contacted me to say that my X-Pro1 would be with me shortly.

Here’s what I actually got:

-Replacement Top Plate (Not bushed lug design, same style as the original part)
-Scratches to the top plate (that weren’t there before)
-Big dust specs in VF (that weren’t there before)
-Leatherette on body not glued down properly

Hmmmmmm that’s awkward !!

So I gave Fujifilm UK a call, and they couldn’t have been more apologetic, they immediately dispatched a pre-paid delivery pack, and I was able to send the camera back to them the next day, which was a Friday.

Their on line service portal showed that they booked the camera in on Monday.

The following day, they had the camera turned around (literally 24hrs later!) and invited me to collect and inspect it.

What a superb job. The top plate had been changed to the type I wanted (with the bushed lugs), and all the other faults had been rectified.

I was so excited to get my camera back, and so impressed at the quality of the service from Fujifilm (earlier hiccup aside).

So I may not have been one of the people getting the upgraded X-Pro2… But I got an upgraded X-Pro1, and sincerely, I would be the first to admit that bushed lugs (that the X-Pro2 has anyway) aren’t as sexy as acros and superfast AF, etcetc – but there’s something about an upgrade to a part as banal yet fundamental as a strap lug, that is to be applauded.

After all, market leading performance stats are by definition, transient; but physical things that make the camera stronger and more durable are surely things to be celebrated?

I’ve nothing against new cameras, and they are better than the older units they replace. But if you’re happy with the shots from your current camera and don’t need the features of a improved model then the need is not so great.

Your camera, whatever camera that may be, is like a box of pictures, they just need to be taken.

If you’re not getting a X-Pro2, and are “stuck” with an X-Pro1, then don’t be despondent, there’s a lot of life left in it yet!

So dig deep into your picture box with lugs, have a good rummage and see what gems you can pull out!

FujiFilm: Picture Box
Fujifilm: Picture Box X-Pro1 & XF35. F1.8 1/125 ISO800. Processed from RAW in Capture One Pro. Click picture for over sizes & full EXIF

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