The Hangover

I felt the need, the need to make a picture.

But hail the size of garden peas rattled against the windows like a Gatling gun, and my hangover knocked on my skull like it wanted to execute a search warrant

I quickly realised that it wouldn’t be a going outside day! But I felt the need… it had been a rather redundant week for my photography. Portugal having endured weather worse than many people were experiencing in the UK, so my usual forte of outdoor photography had quite literally been washed away, and I was getting an itchy shutter finger!

I have quite a compulsion to take photographs, if too long goes by without doing so, by I feel a little misplaced, a little lost. I know photography doesn’t have to stop because conditions aren’t perfect, but it was just too lousy to venture out of the house. Last night’s nightcap was extracting it’s revenge and to cut to the chase; I felt dark, I felt grey and I felt miserable.

It was time to make do with what was available!

‘Damn it man, things are dark, grey and miserable, inside and out – maybe try and shoot THAT’

Now drinking’s not big, nor clever, nor healthy and hangovers can be really quite intrusive in regards to one’s mental faculties. The euphoria of alcohol is a mental state, the pain of a hangover is largely a physical state, but sure dulls the mind.

Many of us have felt a hangover (YMMV) but no one’s ever seen one… it has no form… but if it did, how would it look?

That grey, dark barrier between the senses and the world, the insistent thump of a headache that won’t desist.

It’s just a dark blurry mess of grey cutting to black, an onslaught to the motor skills on which we depend.

It really felt like how it looked outside that day. It was like the weather system itself was hungover.

The weather got worse, thunder boomed and even the lightning was the sheet type, robbing me of the notion of a shoot an exciting fork of electricity.

Yes, for sure it was dark, grey and miserable, inside and out.

And that became the shot. A visualisation of the hangover! (Sadly the weather took more than some toast, fresh OJ and Paracetamol to get it’s act together)

The Hangover
X-Pro1 & XF35. F2.8 1/500 ISO:200. Processed from RAW in Capture One Pro. Click image for full size version

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