As the old song goes; Baby Please Don’t Go Down to New Orleans and I’m sure there’s some places out there that just maybe you shouldn’t go too… (not New Orleans though!)

As an English photographer marooned in northern Portugal, I’m delighted by the things that I get to see and experience living in Porto.

I’m not after the ‘Ex-Pat’ experience; and by definition, I can’t have the native experience, I’m after my own experiences, I like to befriend people that live here, communicate and share.

One piece of advice that I received from more than one person, was the importance of avoiding a certain location.

I was advised not to go to the narrow ancient streets of Se. Apparently it was not so much that it wasn’t a great spot and I might not come home with any good photographs, but that I might not come home still owning a camera…

The streets of Se are viewable from many of the tourist vantage points


Dark, and foreboding… There’s a vibe emanating from this zone that I simply couldn’t ignore.

So armed with my trusty Fujifilm X-Pro1 (and to be fair 3 companions!) I set off to explore.


These streets pre-date cars, very narrow, very close. Whatever light you observed before you entered, forget about it! The light here changes meter by meter! These properties are OLD. The stone work weathered, the colours faded.

I’m already loving this spot!

Inside like Out?

There’s a ‘wabi’ delight about Porto in general, it’s not about living in the glory of the past, it’s not about dreaming of the future – it’s about now, this is what it is. I love this feeling that I perceive here.

Al Fresco with Ice Cream

Even though this was actually taken during the daylight, the high, narrow buildings force darkness down into street level. I’m fond of this shot… It will provide me viewing pleasure for a while!

Why? Well, the location looks a little shabby, dilapidated even… But this hasn’t stopped someone opening a restaurant, this hasn’t stopped them modifying the table/chairs to work with the gradient. This is what it is, and it’s not trying to be anything different. I like that when I see it in humanity.

Something I personally really like in the scene, is the standard ice cream selection card they send to all the retailers, but Walls (or Ola as they brand themselves here) have truly no clue where it will hang, their marketing probably expects it in some pristine, beach front real-estate location, to draw in golden haired children, their parents Mercedes keys jangling as they reach into their bag to get the money for the ice cream treat, yet here in this scene we see the complete contrast to that world.

Well… As I’ve often said; I primarily shoot for me, and for me, I know I’m happy with this shot!

Somewhere in the Calm Clammy City

This is one of the most famous views in Porto! Type ‘Porto’ into google images and a derivative of this scene will be amongst the top images. I wonder how many tourists actually venture down the hill into those streets…?

A Cigarette and a Cake

Most things that end up in our mouths, are placed there for pleasure. A snack, a cake, a fine meal, a cigarette (smoking is still pretty popular in some parts of Europe!) When we take a moment to indulge, we can take a moment to reflect, a few personal minutes to enjoy and be peaceful

Drying Out

With little space, there’s only one place to dry your clothes! We see again these faded colours of Porto, the dark browns and mustard yellows! (Plus I have quite a thing about shooting washing lines, I like how they’re both public and intimate both the same time, whilst also showing a timeless activity)

Boys in the Hood

What importance do you place on people, on appearance, on age?

This was my first shot as I entered the streets of Se. Should we worry if we see young males loitering? Would we worry if they were girl scouts or Nuns?

Should we worry at all? Should we listen to advice given to us about where to go, where not to go?

Well yes – clearly.

But bad things can (& do) happen anywhere, if we take care, ideally don’t travel to dangerous places alone – ideally take someone who’s local with you, keep our eyes open and wits about us, then there’s no reason not to explore the places that you get warned about!

Like most things, trust your instincts, pick a good time of day, (so perhaps not 11pm on a Saturday night) take extra care, if possible hide your camera under your jacket or shirt until you feel comfortable to take it out and try and make sure the photographs are worth it 🙂

That advice given, I do have to say that bar a few dodgy looking teenagers (not photographed!!), the district of Se offered us no problems at all and the people I did meet there were open and friendly, as I frequently find in Portugal.

Stay safe and keep shooting!

A lot of time and effort goes into this site.. If you like what you see, and/or if I’ve helped you then perhaps you’d considering making a donation?

A lot of time and effort goes into this site.. If you like what you see, and/or if I’ve helped you then perhaps you’d consider helping me?

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3 Replies to “Exploring the Streets of Se”

  1. Great post Adam. These alleys now full of tourists were a lot different say 10 years ago. By then it surely wouldn’t be safe to take a walk there. Although most are safe at safe hours now, there’s some left where extra caution is required, specially when taking a camera, some don’t like to show in pictures 😀
    Have a nice weekend!


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