The X-Pro Series Content: All In One Place

Here is an indexed list of all content I’ve written in relation to the X-Pro series Cameras.

Some of it is opinion based, and some of it is recommendations and tutorials.

This blog post will be static as of August 25th 2016, so I’ll be updating this section on this page (Click Here) so please use that link to see the updated info

My Recommendations/Tutorials/Info:

Click here for X-Pro1 Back Button Focus
Manual Focus: How I set up the X-Pro1 to make the most of Back Button Focus

Click here for Accessories One and Accessories Two
When you start to look at what bits you can add on to your camera from both the original equipment manufacturer (in this case Fujifilm) as well as third parties and ask, what do they add to the camera.

Click here for Which Files to Shoot?
Why would you truncate your available possibilities? Why you should shoot both RAW and Jpg.

Click here for Understanding what the Dynamic Range settings do

Click here for Understanding what the Jpeg settings do

Click here for Fujifilm X-Trans 1 & 2 Cameras: Understanding the ‘ISOless’ Sensor

Click here for Fujifilm X-Trans 1 & 2 Cameras: Using the ‘ISOless’ Sensor

Click here for How I Capture Movement with the X-Pro1

Click here for The Q Menu explained

Click here for How I Set Up My Q Menu to Help me Take Photos


Click here for X-Pro1: Eye Candy or Love?
How the whole story of my love affair with the Fuji X-Pro series cameras began. Like most journeys in love, it wasn’t always a smooth road.

Click here for X-Pro1 Not as I’d Hoped..
When you dream that a camera will be everything you hoped, how will you react when it isn’t?

Click here for The X-Pro1: Rekindling an Extinguished Flame
When you start to miss imperfection. The second time around the X-Pro1 became so very, very much more than eye candy to me. I finally figured out how to use it, I fell in love with it holistically

Click here for The X-Pro1 Look
When you start to realise it’s not the feature set, it’s the way that files look that’s most important

Click here for The X-Pro1 Look: Defining the indefinable
When you try to define just exactly what it is that you love about the look of an image

Click here for The X-Pro1: Why loving Your Camera is Important
When you understand that blind love of a camera is only a personal view point and that’s important, you try harder if you love something

Click here for The X-Pro Series Vs the Leica M Part One
That Camera Comparison: Part One. Why the Fuji usage experience is just that.

Click here for The X-Pro Series Vs the Leica M Part Two
That Camera Comparison: Part Two. Why the Fuji identity is just as valid

Click here for The X-Pro1 Vs the X-Pro2: Part One
The X-Pro1 Vs the X-Pro2 Review: So… the shiny new X-Pro2… Because new is always better in every single way, right? Let’s take a closer look and compare to the X-Pro1 to its sucessor.

Click here for The X-Pro1 Vs the X-Pro2: Part Two
The X-Pro2 Review: Part Two continuing the haptic comparison to the X-Pro1.

Click here for The X-Pro1 Vs the X-Pro2: Part Three
The X-Pro2 Review: Part Three The Front of the Body and Battery Life Vs the X-Pro1

Click here for The X-Pro1 Vs the X-Pro2: Part Four
The X-Pro2 Review: Part Four View Finding Vs the X-Pro1

Click here for The X-Pro1 Vs the X-Pro2: Part Five
The X-Pro2 Review: Part Five View Finding Vs the X-Pro1 Continued

Lens Reviews:

Click here for The XF27
The XF Lenses Part One: The XF27. Let’s not overlook the overlooked lens

Click here for The XF18
Fuji XF Lenses: Part Two – The XF18. Taking a look at the original wide option

Click here for The XF56
Fuji XF Lenses: Part Three – The XF56. Taking a look at the portrait prime

Fujifilm X Series: Narrative, Story Telling and Inspiration:

Click here for What’s the X-Pro1 Good for?
What’s the ‘slow and clunky’ X-Pro1 even for, what can you shoot with it?

Click here for Does your work get better when you love your equipment?
The X-Pro1 Great Shots: Camera or Coincidence?

X-Pro1 & X-T1 – Street Scenes From My World
Scenes from my world, captured through a Fujifilm viewfinder!

X-Pro1 – The Sun kissed Streets of Portugal
The X-Pro1 hits the streets of Porto

X-Pro1 – The Beach Town of Matosinhos
Taking the X-Pro1 to the coast

Taking The X-Pro1 Street Shooting
Your fellow humans can make great subjects and the Fuji X-Pro Series cameras are great for capturing them

The X-Pro1 and the Prowler
The X-Pro1 captures what your cat really looks like (even when it’s moving!)

Learning to Pleasure Yourself
Learning to Pleasure Yourself: You won’t go blind; in fact it might help you see.. A wry look at the joys of the online community

Porto People Street Scenes
When Leica send photographers to your home city to promote a new product, then you just know that there’s something special about the place, and that ‘even’ a Fuji camera should be able to see the magic.

The Architectural Charm of Porto
Porto constantly reminds of the beauty of what once was there, while still showing you the beauty of what endures.

The Stray Cats of Porto
Strays, I find them hauntingly beautiful, but do they tell a bigger story?

Exploring the Streets of Se (Porto)
When people advise you not to go somewhere, but you want to go there and take pictures, what do you do? Well you go there anyway of course!

Porto Street Art
Graffiti. Vandalism or Art? We certainly won’t answer that here… But for sure the temporal nature of street art is the perfect companion to the eternal nature of photography

Shapes and Textures from My World in Porto
A small collection of images made from the things that catch my eye! Shapes and textures are all around us, and provide endless photographical fodder.

The X-Pro2 and Acros: A New Way of Working?
I’ve always felt that compared to my colour work, I’ve struggled a little with my monochrome post processing. Is Fuji’s new SOOC film simulation; “Acros” a new way of working for me?

Fishy Tales from the Mercado do Bolhão with the X-Pro2
Not a post for the vegans and vegetarians… But as a documentary photographer sometimes you need to push aside ickyness and just go for the shutter clickiness!

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2 thoughts on “The X-Pro Series Content: All In One Place”

  1. Have to say Adam, your X Pro 1 series has been so great I just bought another, and it is sooo nice to have that vintage work of art back in my hands. I still think that sensor and the original X100 are among the best.. Cheers and thanks, Drew


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