Capture One, the X-Pro2 and the Beach

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Continuing the blog serialisation of my popular X-Pro Series lust/hate/love story:

Part 137: Capture One, the X-Pro2 and the Beach


As you might recollect… I’ve recently made quite a few posts about Capture One Express for Fujifilm.


I wrote a BASIC user guide here


And I shared how happy I was (still am) about the Fujifilm/Capture One collaboration here and compared some old and new edits here


Put simply, I haven’t shut up about it 🙂


So for this week’s post, I’m going to share with you seven images all taken on the same day and all edited in Capture One Express (with one slight exception)


(Capture One Express will now be abbreviated to C1E)


About a month ago, I headed out to one of my favourite shooting spots (the beach), taking only my X-Pro2 and the XF35 F1.4 and went to see what scenes the seaside would have for me!


The following six shots have only been edited using Capture One Express.



I must have a thousand pictures of surfers by now 🙂 we each vary in what we like from our digital edits and we each have different looks we want from different styles of picture. PERSONALLY I’m liking that I can get a slightly lower contrast image from C1E


I don’t think C1E gives me quite the same “organic” look (© every endless internet discussion on the subject 😀 ) as the X-Pro1, but I really like how C1E handles X-Pro2 files


One of the things I adore about beach shooting is that it gives you the chance to capture action packed scenes full of life and people


There’s a bit of funny story in front of this picture… her boyfriend came to me and asked to see my pictures in case they contained him surfing, I was a little worried he might object to this picture, due 100% to his emotive connection to the subject, rather than the picture itself…. Long story short, this is now her Facebook profile picture and they’re both my friends on social media! 🙂


This is one where in all honesty the availability of layers on the full version of Capture One would have been helpful. Still the curve and levels tool didn’t do too badly…. Your opinion might differ of course!


My Mum loves pictures like this… 🙂 this to me signals home time at the beach… well beer at a beach bar then home anyway 🙂


This final shot (which you can see a little bigger on Flickr by clicking on it) was basically 100% edited in Capture One Express, but I wanted to clone something out, so I sent a .tiff of the file to LR to do so, which is why the EXIF displays Lightroom as the editor.


Big Bad Waves


So all in all I’m really happy with the results I’m getting from C1E. Even devoid of the Fujifilm film sims, I’m finding the default look of the images pleasing to my tastes. I find the express variant of the app to be waaaay simpler than the full fat, full cost one (as it does a lot less) and images requiring more targeted edits can always be farmed out to another app that you have.


Having spent a lot of time and effort on seeking a look for my X-Pro2 images that really sings to me, I think that C1E might be the best starting point yet. I mean I get a look I like more from other apps, but it can be a lot of work, and the entry point of a colour X-Pro2 image in C1E (ie what you start from from) is a step ahead of what I see in other apps.


This makes me very happy indeed.

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